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    Ukrenergo completes a large-scale construction of the Rivne NPP – Grabiv – Rivne – Khmelnytska NPPs fiber optic connection line.

    330 Kv Khmelnytska NPP – Rivne Substation

    Fiber optic connection line of a length of 176.9 km will be passing the territory of Volyn, Rivne and Khmelnytsky regions. 85 km out of them are 330 kV Rivne NPP – Grabiv overhead line, 23.6 km – 330 kV Rivne NPP – Rivne overhead line and 68.3 km – 330 kV Khmelnytska NPP – Rivne overhead line. The project was launched at the end of 2016, which completion is scheduled for the first half of 2019. The total cost of equipment and installation works for the project constitutes almost 168 million USD. Its financing is carried out within the framework of the Ukrenergo Investment Program at the expense of profits.

    At the first stage of the project, which ended in March 2018, on the 330 kV Khmelnytska NP – Rivne overhead line of the Western power system there were substituted: 149 intermediate and 5 tension towers and 53 intermediate and 7 tension towers of the Southwest power system, a lightning protection cable was changed to the FOCL cable, and a glass isolation to the polymer one. In addition, station equipment was installed in the premises of 330 kV Grabiv, Rivne, Khmelnytska, Rivne and Khmelnytska NPPs communication substations, as well as fiber optic connection lines were laid on the territory of these substations.

    Of 330 kV Rivne NPP – Grabiv overhead line 15 tension and 44 intermediate towers out of 60 have been replaced. The installation of a fiber optic connection cable has been performed on two construction sites with a length of almost 1 km. Work on the reconstruction of this line will continue in 2019.

    At present, work is under way on the 330 kV Rivne NPP – Rivne overhead line. Replacing three tension towers continues. Of 33 intermediate towers, 19 have already been replaced. The installation of a 23.6 km long FOCL cable is planned to be completed by the end of this year.

    Owing to this line, Ukrenergo will be able to upgrade the telecommunication network and ensure the transmission of information via high-speed channels between the power units of the Western and South-Western electric power systems of Ukrenergo. And the central control centre of Ukrenergo will be provided with reliable communication channels with 330 kV Rivne, Grabiv and Khmelnytska substations, as well as with reliable transmission of teleinformation from Rivne and Khmelnytska NPPs.

    The key advantages of using fiber optic connection line in overhead earth wires, in comparison with the copper-conductor and radio relay communication systems, are the high capacity of the optical fiber, as well as the reliability of the optical medium. In addition, information on FOCL is transmitted from source to receiver without the risk of interception. In general, these factors allow the transmission of information at high speed while providing information security.


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