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  • Ukrenergo became a partner of the first Ukrainian fantasy film “The Bobot”

    In the framework of its corporate social responsibility program, SE NPC Ukrenergo became a partner of a new Ukrainian sci-fi film for children “The Bobot” (the Ukrainian release is called “Bobot and Power of the Universe”). This is the first Ukrainian fantasy and adventures film with a large number of high-tech special effects fully created by Ukrainian specialists.

    The film tells the story of a 12-year-old boy, who, together with his unusual friend Bobot – a transformer booth that suddenly came to life, saves the world from an energy catastrophe. 

    While cooperating with this cinema project, Ukrenergo wants to popularize the topic of energy among a wide audience, in particular among children and teenagers, because “The Bobot” is an exciting and bright film devoting a lot of time to the things directly or indirectly related to energy.

    “We are convinced that this type of films more than anything else will attract people’s attention to the topic of energy. And although this film is a tech-fantasy, hardly related to reality from the scientific point of view, it is still insightful. Especially, when it is about the role of power in our life,” commented Vsevolod Kovalchuk, CEO of SE NPC Ukrenergo. “The film demonstrates the victory of good over evil and gives hope for the future in the complex modern world. And I hope that the young generation of Ukrainians will always be sure that truth, sincerity and desire for justice constitute the only way for their victory.”

    “Cooperation with the authors of “The Bobot” is one of the projects within the corporate social responsibility of Ukrenergo. This is the direction we want to pay more attention to since we understand its importance. Within the partnership of Ukrenergo and “The Bobot” project, we will conduct a number of common measures, in particular for children,” said Mykhailo Bno-Airiian, Deputy CEO for Communications and International Cooperation.

    The children – participants of such events will be able to learn a lot about the importance of energy for a modern person, about how it changes our lives and what we can expect from it in the future. As well as watch “The Bobot” and learn how the film developers came up with the idea, how shooting took place, how special effects were developed, etc.

    The cherry on the joint cake of Ukrenergo and cinematographers will be a board game, where participants will be able to follow the path and adventures of the main characters of the film.


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