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  • UKRENERGO became an observer of the European energy information exchange forum (ebIX)

    On November 20, Ukrenergo NPC SE became an observer of the European energy information exchange forum (ebIX).

    The ebIX European platform was established in 2003 and is engaged in the development and standardization of information exchange processes in the energy sector. It includes 13 TSOs, including Power Grid AG (Austria), Atrias (Belgium), Fingrid (Finland), BDEW and Westnetz GmbH (Germany), TenneT (Netherlands), Statnett (Norway), Energa-Operator SA and PTPiREE (Poland), Svenska kraftnät (Sweden).

    Participating in ebIX will allow Ukrenergo to adapt domestic standards for electronic information exchange on the retail electricity market to the European ones. This should be done within the implementation of the automation platform of the Commercial Registrar, whom Ukrenergo should become, in accordance with the requirements of the Commercial Accounting Code and the Retail Market Electricity Market.

    Furthermore, Ukrenergo’s representation at ebIX will enable Ukrenergo and all Ukrainian energy specialists to participate in the forum’s working groups on the harmonization of electricity market processes and their further implementation into the Ukrainian secondary legislation.

    “Several years ago, we set ourselves the task of getting involved in the work of various international organizations in the field of electricity in order to be in the midst of the changes taking place in the sector, both regulatory and technological. The observer status at EbIX is an important element of this strategy,” said Deputy CEO for Communications and International Cooperation Mykhailo Bno-Airiian.


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