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  • Ukrenergo and Moldelectrica on the final stage of signing an agreement on parallel operation in a joint control unit

    Last week, during a working meeting in Chisinau, SE NPC Ukrenergo and SE Moldelectrica signed four annexes to the Operation Agreement on parallel operation in the joint UA-MD control unit (hereinafter referred to as the Operation Agreement).

    In particular, the parties agreed and signed the following documents:

    – Procedure for compensating unforeseen deviations in the Joint Control Unit;

    – Procedure for planning inter-system flows within the Joint Control Unit;

    – Dispatcher management of parallel operation of the IPS of Ukraine and the power system of Moldova;

    – Parameters of synchronising devices on inter-system lines of SE NPC Ukrenergo and SE Moldelectrica.

    The representatives of the two TSO plan to sign another four annexes to the Operation Agreement by the end of this year after their appropriate finalisation.

    During the meeting, the parties also discussed the mechanisms for implementation of the provision/receipt of emergency supply between SE NPC Ukrenergo and SE Moldelectrica. In addition, they agreed to establish a working group under the auspices of the Energy Community to approve a step-by-step implementation of the balancing energy exchange and capacity reserve.

    It should be noted that during the preparation of the Operation Agreement, experts from Elia Group, a key partner of Ukrenergo in the process of synchronising Ukraine’s power system with ENTSO-E, provided consulting services to our company.

    “The Operation Agreement regulates the parallel operation of power systems of Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova in accordance with European rules and standards and is one of the conditions for synchronisation of Ukraine’s power system with ENTSO-E. Consistent and coordinated cooperation with Moldelectrica constitutes another confirmation of the interest of the power systems of both countries in synchronising with ENTSO-E and ensuring effective cooperation with the Energy Community,” said Vitalii Zaichenko, Chief Dispatcher and Deputy CEO for Operational Management at SE NPC Ukrenergo


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