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    Ukrenergo and Beketov Kharkiv National University of Urban Economy concluded the Memorandum on long-term cooperation on preparation of power sector specialists. The first students have already entered the university in 2018-2019.

    On its part, Ukrenergo participates in the development of curricula of the master programme for students studying the basics of management, operation and development of trunk power grids, hires the students of the university for internship with the possibility of further employment. Internship programmes for academic teachers and lecturers at Ukrenergo are also provided within the framework of cooperation.

    In addition, students will have a possibility to join a number of motivational competitions and research programmes in the area of power engineering, participate in the “incubator of ideas” intended to look for and implement innovative projects, as well as attend online lectures, consultations on actual issues within the industry, etc.

    “Within the university environment, a new generation of managers is emerging among the students. They understand modern challenges. They have sparking eyes. They want to learn and change the world for the better. Our experience of corporate supervision during the project UkrenergoLaboratories also proves a huge demand on the part of young people and future employers for development programmes. We react to this demand and at the same time develop the image of state enterprises and potentially interesting employers of a new generation of power engineers,” said Mykhailo Bno-Airiian, Deputy CEO for Communications and International Cooperation.

    Nowadays, the global power sector is experiencing an urgent deficit in personnel and a need in qualitatively new knowledge and skills. In Ukraine, this problem is deepening because of education crisis and labour migration. In summer this year, at the 47 session of CIGRE in France, CEO of Ukrenergo Vsevolod Kovalchuk proposed that top managers of the world power companies unite their efforts with leading universities and develop new educational standards in the area of electricity sector.

    “Ukrainian power sector is undergoing reforms and is transformed into a qualitatively new system, which has to become a part of the European power system. This means new management challenges, a new market configuration, the company’s development strategy, and complex IT solutions. To be effective under these conditions, we should now take care of the development of a new generation of power engineers with all necessary knowledge and professional skills. Our master programme is aimed at solving this task,” noted CEO of Ukrenergo Vsevolod Kovalchuk.


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