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  • Thanks to HPPs at the Dnipro River, Ukrenergo increased the active power reserves for automatic balancing of the power system to 792 MW

    SE NPC Ukrenergo and PrJSC Ukrhydroenergo tested the operation of the last HPP of the Dnipro cascade, namely Kanivska HPP, under the supervision of the central regulator of the system for automatic secondary load and frequency control of the IPS of Ukraine (SALFC). It is to be recalled that Ukrenergo has already connected Kyivska, Kremenchutska, Seredniodniprovska, Dniprovska HPP-1 and Kakhovska hydropower plants to SALFC.

    The participation of Kanivska HPP in secondary automatic regulation will allow involving additional 192 MW of the active power reserve. Its actual use will depend on the load of hydropower units and the Dnipro’s water regime. In addition to other HPPs of the Dnipro cascade, the maximum possible reserve of active power of all plants reached 792 MW. At the same time, during 2018, the average volume of reserves was equal to 213 MW. 

    Frequency and active power regimes are operated using SALFC – special software included in the subsystem of automated generation management. In the event of deviations from the set power system regime, the central regulator automatically sends tasks-signals to HPP, which are processed by the plant control systems and allocated among the HPP power units. As a result, the plant changes its power, thus equalising the parameters of flows through interconnectors or load and frequency.

    The connection of hydropower plants to SALFC will increase the reliability of the power system’s operation, ensure its flexibility, allow automatic compensation for the loss of certain generating capacities and prevent negative consequences – deterioration in the operation of power equipment of both generation and consumers due to deviations in the current frequency.

     “The availability within the IPS of Ukraine of required reserve volumes of frequency regulation and active power is one of key requirements of the European statutory documents, in particular Continental Europe Operation Handbook, Ukraine has to comply with in accordance with the Agreement on interconnection with ENTSO-E. We are actively moving towards this direction. Currently, we are working on the possibility of connecting Dnistrovska HPSPP, as well as TPPs and CHPPs with appropriate rehabilitation of equipment, to SALFC.  This will ensure 1000 MW of the regulation range in the automatic mode,noted Deputy CEO for Operational Management – Chief Dispatcher Vitalii Zaichenko.


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