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    On 6 October 2018, Ukrenergo and the creative group of the first Ukrainian fantastic film for children “The Bobot”, with the assistance of Lviv city administration, organised a charity screening of the film in Lviv.

    More than 500 children visited the session and the filmmaker’s master classes for young viewers. Children with special needs of Lviv Educational and Rehabilitation Centre “Dzherelo”, pupils of the scout organisation “Plast” and many others were among the visitors.

    It is worth reminding that “The Bobot” has become one of the most anticipated premieres of Ukrainian cinema this year. It was shot by Mental Drive Studio with the support of the State Agency for Cinema and SE NPC Ukrenergo. Since August, the film has been viewed by hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian children. At the beginning of the next year, the first Ukrainian fantastic film for children will be presented at the leading international film festivals in Cannes (France) and Berlin (Germany).

    With the support of Ukrenergo, a film-based board game was created, which was developed with the participation of leading experts in the Ukrainian energy sector.

    “By supporting the Ukrainian film for children, where the main character is directly related to power engineering, we have demonstrated a high level of corporate social responsibility, openness and progressiveness, our readiness to change and gain new experience. We want all children to have high-quality Ukrainian cinema. That is why we initiated a number of charity screenings of “The Bobot” for children in different parts of Ukraine. Together with the shooting team, we organised a screening in Mariupol, visited the BobotCamp in Odessa, and now met with children in Lviv. There are several more charity screenings in our plans. We are sure that we are doing a decent and right business. After all, our children are the drivers of changes and the future of our state,” said Deputy CEO for Communications and International Cooperation of SE NPC Ukrenergo Mykhailo Bno-Airiian.

    “Development of the culture of energy consumption starts from childhood. It is therefore very important to find a common language with children, to find understandable and interesting formats for them. A fantastic film, I believe, is one of them. I am proud that the Ukrainian own production of films for children is reviving – it is modern and exciting,” said Andrii Moskalenko, Deputy Head of Lviv City Administration for Development.

    The next charity screening of the film will be organised in Kotelva, Poltava region, on 10 October 2018.


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