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    The public hearings hold on urban planning documentation and a comprehensive territory plan designed for the construction of the SS 500kV “Kreminska” together with the measures of the OHL 500kV “Donbaska-Donska” and OHL 220kV “Kreminska-Iuvileyna”.

    The hearings took place in the Popasna and Kreminna districts of the Luhansk region where the construction of the facilities is previewed.

    It is widely known the public hearings is an integral procedure to get the permit for the land management project from the Cabinet of Ministers.

    «The hearings were a success and there is already an order to approve the Comprehensive territory plan in the Popasna district where the OHL 220kVKreminskaIuvileynacorridor will be laid, – elaborated Oleksandr Chadaev, Head of the Construction department at the SEUkrenergoPivnichna PS. – An order to approve the Comprehensive territory plan in the Kreminna district is being prepared as well where the substation will be constructed on the area of 7.5hectares”. 

    Design of the land management project will be the next stage. An application to get the order for the development of the land management design project has already been submitted. Previously the parliamentarians approved the feasibility studies of a new SS 500kV “Kreminska” together with the measures of the OHL 500kV “Donbaska-Donska” and OHL 220kV “Kreminska-Iuvileyna”. 

    It should be mentioned as well that the project engineer finished one of the stages of the design project. It is being verified by the State expertise at the moment. After it, the construction project will be sent for the approval by the Cabinet of Ministers. At the same time the necessary equipment for the substation has already been ordered namely GIS 500kV and 220kV as well as the 500kV AT.

    Construction of the substation 500kV “Kreminska” will strengthen the reliability of the electricity supply to the consumers and industrial objects of the whole Donbas region, southern part of the Luhansk region and Lysychansk energy center that drastically decreased given the vast damages of the trunk power grids in the so called “grey zone”. Besides, SS “Kreminska” will ensure the synchronization of the Northern Donbas PS, functioning now in the “island” mode, with the IPS of Ukraine.  


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