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    The following transmission lines were switched off owing to the bad weather conditions in the Southern region of Ukraine on 18 January: 330 kV transmission lines Moldavian SRTL – Usatove and Usatove – Adzhalyk #2 as well as 110 kV transmission lines Bolhrad-Etalon and Moldavian SRTL-Starokozacha (the last one is already switched on).   330 kV transmission line Moldavian SRTL-Artsyz on the part of the MSRTL was disconnected a couple of times however these facilities are now in a working condition.

    Strong wind and wet-snow accretion caused fall of 23 poles of the 110 kV transmission line Bolhrad-Etalon.

    Power outages occurred as well within PJSC “Odesaoblenergo” in a number of towns in a region.

    The operational center was established to manage the bad weather consequences in the Pivdenna power system.

    Notwithstanding the bad weather conditions, the Ukrenergo brigades are controlling the state of the transmission lines in order to identify the defects and thus to eliminate them for further electricity supply restoration within the region.

    According to the forecast the rough weather will last at least until the end of the day.


    The Ukrenergo brigades inspected the state of the overhead lines at night despite heavy precipitation and gusty wind. There occurred a short circuit of two phases between the poles as well as a couple of defects of the 330 kV line Moldavian SRTL-Usatove. As of now, the mentioned line is being repaired. The works which are carried out by three brigades will be completed until the end of the day. The line will be repaired until the end of the day.   

    The 330kV overhead line Usatove- Adzhalyk #2 is being inspected.

    According to the last data, 18 poles of the 110 kV line Bolhrad-Etalon fell. The dismantling of the defected poles will start on the weekend.  

    Overall, up to 454 towns in the Odesa region have been left without power as of 2 pm. The situation is being gradually improved despite the severe weather conditions. According to the weather forecast, it will snow heavily as well there will be a gusty wind up to 20m/s.  

    Ukrenergo staff works closely with the PJSC “Odesaoblenergo” and does his best to restore the electricity supply as soon as possible. We will work until the bad weather consequences are liquidated in toto.


    As of now both 330 kV overhead lines have been restored. Usatove- Adzhalyk #2 was switched on at 7 am, Moldavian SRTL-Usatove was switched on at 1:07 pm.
    The poles of the 110 kV lines Bolhrad-Etalon are being dismantled. Brigades possess all the necessary equipment. The weather conditions have stabilized.


    Two brigades of the Pivdenna power system are still dismantling the concrete structures of the 110 kV Bolhrad-Etalon support poles. The structures were  damaged as a result of the extreme weather conditions in the Odesa region.


    Emergency and recovery works at the 110 kV transmission line Bolhrad-Etalon are continuing. 24 defected poles are to be replaced.
    24 sets of transverses and steel structures have already been delivered and discharged. 24 poles racks are to be delivered till the end of the week.

    “Ukrenergo” brigades are still dismantling the damaged poles. Right after the new ones are delivered they will be replaced as soon as possible.


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