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  • Рresentation of the CoST Ukraine verification report on «Chernivetska» 330 kV substation

    We invite you to the presentation of the CoST Ukraine verification report on «Chernivetska» 330 kV substation!

    In autumn 2016 we signed a memorandum on cooperation between Ukrenergo NPC SE and the National Secretariat of CoST Initiative.

    CoST Initiative involves the disclosure of all necessary information from construction projects for their verification by independent experts of this credible organisation. To exercise public control over the efficiency of money spending, this information is published in widely available sources.

    Monitoring of the installation of the third 330/110/35 kV autotransformer at «Chernivetska»  substation has become a  pilot project of our cooperation.

    Finally, we have the opportunity to see the result: CoST Ukraine has prepared a verification report on the results of the project.

    Incidentally, this is the world’s first CoST report on energy infrastructure.

    We will present its results together on April, 4 (Wednesday) at 10:00 a.m. in the central office of Ukrenergo at the address: 25 Symona Petliury str., Kyiv.
    ✒Registration link:
    📞 Telephone inquiry: +38 044 238 35 68.


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