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  • Resort Region Receives a Modernized Substation

    Reconstruction of the existing facility of trunk power grids with its full automation and connection of new solar power plants with the total installed capacity of 53.4 MW by LLC “Voskhod Solar” to the grids of the power system of Ukraine. Such results are expected from the modernization of 220/35/10 kV substation “Berezan” in Mykolaiv region (Pivdenna Power System), currently being implemented by Ukrenergo.

    The project provides for the installation of an additional power transformer to ensure the full power output of the solar power plant to 220 kV grid. In addition, oil-filled equipment on the open distribution gear 220 kV will be replaced by modern efficient and reliable gas-insulated equipment.

    As of today, the works for installation and adjustment of reconstructed distribution gear 35 kV and 10 kV, partially 220 kV, as well as equipment for direct current and own needs, are completed.

    During the period of one week, the equipment operated in the voltage test mode. There are no comments regarding the equipment’s operation.

    “Completion of this reconstruction stage and the inclusion of 35 kV overhead lines will increase the reliability of power supply in the resort areas of Mykolaiv region, in particular ​​Koblevo and Tuzla. Moreover, this project will increase the volume of green generation and boost environmental safety in the region,” commented Leonid Krasnianskyi, Technical Director of Pivdenna Power System.

    At present, the substation’s separate equipment is being withdrawn in order to ensure safe execution of works and the expeditious completion of reconstruction of the open distribution gear 220 kV to ensure project implementation by the end of this year.


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