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    On Friday a scheduled pre-bid meeting of potential participants of the procurement under the Project on the reconstruction of 330 kV «Brovarska» substation was held.

    Representatives of 23 Ukrainian and foreign companies, as of the Czech Republic, Croatia, Ireland, Norway, Poland, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, China, Korea, India, met today directly at the reconstruction site to clarify the issues. This reflects the extremely high interest of international companies in cooperation with Ukrenergo.

    «Financing of the Project «The Reconstruction of ES 330 kV «Brovarska» with АТ-3 (the third autotransformer) installation» will be provided within the framework of the implementation of «The Project on Construction of a 750 kV High-Voltage Air-line Rivne NPP-Kyivska» (total cost of the Project – 300 million euro), the financing of which is carried out by the EBRD and the EIB on a parity basis», – said Oleg Pavlenko, Head of the Ukrenergo Project Management Office. «Implementation of this component of the Project became possible at the expense of funds saved on the results of international tenders on the main components of the Project in the previous period», – Oleg Pavlenko emphasized, commenting on the meeting.

    The reconstruction of 330 kV «Brovarska» substation is conditioned by an increase in the load in the electrical generation system and, in particular, by the need to ensure the reliability of the power supply to consumers of the Kyiv electrical generation system in normal and emergency schemes, taking into account the existing state of equipment and facilities.     

    The purpose of the reconstruction of 330 kV «Brovarska» substation is:

    • increasing the reliability of the operation of substation equipment due to the reconstruction of the outdoor switchgear 330 and 110 kV with the replacement of all existing equipment and falsework at a gas insulated substation (GIS) – 330 kV and 110 kV, as well as the introduction of a modern automated system of remote control over technological processes;
    • increase in capacity by installing the third autotransformer having a capacity of 200 MVA.

    The next stage will be the disclosure of bids, which is currently scheduled for April 20 of this year.

    For reference:

    330/110/35 kV «Brovarska» substation was put into operation in 1977 and provides power to domestic, administrative, industrial consumers of the eastern part of Kyiv, Brovary, Boryspil and other cities, including powerful industrial consumers, including Boryspil International Airport.


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