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    On July 4, Vsevolod Kovalchuk participated in the conference “Renewable Energy – Energy for Peace and Democracy” held within the framework of the German-Ukrainian Forum in Lviv.

    Lviv Regional State Administration acted as the organizer of the event devoted to the presentation of investment opportunities of Lviv region in the field of alternative energy for policymakers and investors.

    In his presentation, CEO of Ukrenergo once again assured that the company as a system operator unconditionally supported the development of alternative generation – a key modern trend of energy development. However, development of RES requires that we take into account the peculiarities of the national grid. It needs to be changed in order to achieve an increased share of RES electricity generation since it is inappropriate to restrict RES generation in the course of balancing.


    “The only possible option for today to balance the IPS without limitation of RES generation is the construction of modern high-manoeuvring facilities. We focus on gas reciprocating power plants (they should also be “green” and use biogas as fuel) and energy storages based on lithium-ion batteries, which allow us to change the generation structure within the shortest possible time from the point of view of balancing the power system,” noted Vsevolod Kovalchuk.

    It is necessary to build up to 2,500 MW of such balancing capacities by 2025. This will allow avoiding the restriction of RES and minimize the growth of electricity tariffs for consumers of all categories.

    In addition, CEO of Ukrenergo mentioned about steps to simplify the process of connecting new generating capacities to the company’s grids, namely a “single window” for customers, a connection cost calculator and an updated interactive map of trunk power grids and substations. “We are the only company that has made the entire process of connecting to grids absolutely transparent. In order to determine the possible connection point for any project, take into account the cost of connection, see the insolation on the territory of Ukraine, wind indicators and available capacities at our substations in a single interactive tool, only a few clicks on our website are required,” informed V. Kovalchuk.

    Within the framework of a working visit to Lviv, CEO of Ukrenergo met with the head of Lviv Regional State Administration Oleh Syniutka. They discussed the outflow of human resources – an urgent problem for the border regions, implementation of current and future projects of Ukrenergo in Zakhidna power system and, in particular, in Lviv region, and the issue of energy infrastructure protection. It is worth recalling that there are 8 power substations with the capacity of 220-750 kV and over 1300 km of trunk transmission lines 220-750 kV in the region.

    The head of Lviv region assured Ukrenergo representatives that the state administration promoted necessary coordination between the parties in the process of implementing investment projects and attracting qualified specialists, as well as emphasized the importance of developing trunk power grids in order to install new capacities – alternative energy facilities in the districts of the region.



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