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  • Participants of the electricity market applied to the Parliament with a request to prolong the validity of tax preferences for the import of electric vehicles

    Ukrenergo together with the largest Ukrainian producers of electricity and industrial associations applied to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine with a request to prolong the validity of preferences for the import of electric vehicles.

    The letter-request to the members of the Parliament, initiated by Ukrenergo, was signed by the directors of SE NNEGC Energoatom, DTEK, PrJSC Ukrhidroenergo, PJSC Donbasenergo, PJSC Tsentrenergo, as well as heads of the Solar Energy Association of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Windpower Association.

    It is worth reminding that the validity of the temporary exemption from VAT and excise on the import of electric vehicles expires on 31 December 2018. The Verkhovna Rada failed to approve amendments to draft laws Nos. 8487 and 8488 regarding the prolongation of these preferences in 2019.

    In their letter to Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Andrii Parubii and heads of all deputy factions, directors of the largest power companies and leading industrial associations note that nowadays, the whole world is moving towards decarbonisation, energy saving and use of renewable energy sources. Therefore, electric vehicles constitute an integral part of this tendency. Not only do they solve environmental problems and allow reducing the volumes of hazardous wastes, they also facilitate the emergence of fundamentally new opportunities for power system development.

    “Development of power transport is one of the main factors in moving the world towards a new type of the economy based on clean energy sources. Electric vehicles in Ukraine are mainly owned by young people. For them, electric vehicles mean not only the possibility to save on fuel but also a tool enabling them to join the global shifts in the power sector and the global economy. Nowadays, Ukraine is extremely needing such agents of changes in the modern power sector, while the expansion of electric vehicles directly influences their number. Moreover, a large number of electric vehicles creates a window of opportunities for the Ukrainian power sector. We are witnessing global shifts in this area. Digitalisation and new IT solutions are changing the focus from electricity generation to its consumption. That is why electric vehicles can now be used for the purposes of operational demand management, while in the nearest future, they can operate in the capacity of micro storage systems. In future, they will become a component of a “smart grid” as power system balancing service providers. All this builds our mutual “tomorrow” for all of us to live in. To ensure sustainable and clean future, we already now need to analyse electric vehicles consumption and demand for them, the behaviour of drivers, etc.,” the letter states.

    The Ukrainian energy community agrees that the temporary exemption from VAT and excise tax on the import of electric vehicles in Ukraine will not only facilitate an increase in sales of electric vehicles but also serve as a signal that we are part of a civilised world and we are ready to new technological, social and environmental challenges.

    It is worth noting that recently, the whole world has been witnessing the tendency of increased demand for cars with electric engines. There are more than 1 million of such cars in Europe. According to predictions, their quantity will increase by another 350,000 units.

    Electric vehicles have become an object of increased attention of MPs and governments of developed countries. European states are actively promoting growth in the sector of electric vehicles by means of tax preferences in order to create new opportunities for the development of charging stations infrastructure and power system development.

    Ukrainian power companies and industrial associations express their hope that MPs will take into account these arguments and will support the European practice of promotion of the environmentally clean transport sector in Ukraine.


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