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  • One GW of TPP with fast start and 100 MW of energy storage – a need of the power system by 2020

    Yesterday was the first time Ukrenergo provided the draft Report on generation adequacy (hereinafter referred to as the “Report”) for public discussion in accordance with requirements of the Law of Ukraine “On electricity market” and provisions of the Transmission Network Code.

    The representatives of generating companies and associations of electricity generation, as well as the NEURC, state authorities, sectoral experts and civil institutions, attended the discussion.

    The main objective of the Report is to assess the adequacy of the planned measures on the development of generating capacities for covering the forecast demand for electricity and ensuring the required reserve.

    In the course of the preparation of this Report, Ukrenergo took into account the requirements for the future supply security and defined additional measures regarding generation development and demand management. The Report also contains information on the methodology of settlements, possible development scenarios and risks.

    The main conclusion of Ukrenergo is as follows: with the forecast gradual increase in electricity consumption, a need will arise firstly in the increase in maneuvering capacities of the Ukrainian power system.  This was caused by the necessity to ensure balancing stability under the conditions of dynamic RES generation development with low capacity predictability and quite unstable productivity. Moreover, climate changes lead to water resources depletion and, accordingly, to restricted possibilities of hydropower generation for regulation of power balance.

    The Report’s conclusions specify the necessity of constructing power plants with fast start, high-maneuvering gas generation, battery-based frequency support systems, as well as the use of the demand management principle – fast-reacting consumers-regulators to compensate for the discrepancies in RES generation.

    “Already in 2021, the power system of Ukraine must have not less than 1020 MW of TPP with fast start, while the energy storage capacities of not less than 100 MW must be built before 2020,” noted Oleksii Brekht, Deputy CEO – Chief Operational Officer of Ukrenergo.  “This will allow us to ensure the reliability of the power system operation, compliance with ENTSO-E requirements in part of balancing stability of the IPS of Ukraine, as well as develop “green” generation in accordance with the Energy Strategy of Ukraine and global trends.

    It is to be recalled that within the framework of the Memorandum of cooperation with the French transmission system operator, Ukrenergo and RTE are developing a project on the introduction of energy storage capacities within the Ukrainian power system.

    Upon the results of the discussion, proposals and comments of participants will be included in the draft Report and submitted to the NEURC for further consideration and approval.


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