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  • A new autotransformer has been commissioned at 750 kV SS “Vinnytska”

    A new autotransformer AT-4 with the capacity of 125 MWA has been commissioned at 750 kV SS “Vinnytska” of Pivdenno-Zakhidna PS.

    Thanks to the professional and coherent work of specialists of Pivdenno-Zakhidna PS and Scientific and Production Enterprise “Enerhorishennia,” a subcontractor company engaged in the installation, the autotransformer was successfully put into operation.

    This is an important event both for the power system as a whole and directly for Vinnytsia since the installation of an autotransformer 330/110 kV, as well as additional linear cells 110 kV, is a prerequisite for ensuring additional power supply to 110 kV distribution grid of Vinnytsia power center. As a result, the reliability of power supply to consumers in Vinnytsia and the region will significantly increase.

    “Installation of a new autotransformer AT-4 will ensure technical capabilities of reliable and high-quality electricity supply to existing and prospective consumers in the region, reservation of their supply taking into account the formation of a new power supply source, as well as allow increasing the level of investment attractiveness and socioeconomic development of the region,” said Rostyslav Mykhailiuk, Technical Director of Pivdenno-Zakhidna PS.

    SE NPC Ukrenergo fully performed its obligations in accordance with the Agreement on Regional Development of Vinnytsia Region concluded on 26 January 2010 between the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and Vinnytsia Regional Council. Currently, 750 kV SS “Vinnytska” is ready to connect new lines of PJSC “Vinnytsiaoblenergo.”

    “750 kV SS “Vinnytska” is not only the future second power supply source for Vinnytsia, but also a powerful nodal substation, which provides transmission of electricity from the western to central and northern regions of the IPS of Ukraine, and in the long run –delivery/acceptance of capacity of Dnistrovska HPSPP in the composition of four hydraulic units,” Oleksii Brekht, Deputy CEO – Chief Operational Officer of Ukrenergo, commented on the event.


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