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    These and other questions regarding integration of the renewables generation into the Ukrainian power system were discussed today during the round table discussion “Implementation of the competitive tools to purchase the “green” energy in Ukraine”. The round table was hold in the Parliament committee on the Fuel and Energy complex, Nuclear policy and Nuclear safety.   

    Vsevolod Kovalchuk, CEO at Ukrenergo, highlighted the preliminary conclusions concerning possible options of the renewable energy sources facilities integration into the Ukrainian power system. The company conducts the relevant researches on the basis of analysis the operation of the wind and solar generation within the current generation including their perspective development under different balance conditions.  Besides, the conditions including security aspects and ensuring balance and sustainable operation of the Ukrainian power system are taken into account as well.

    According to the Ukrenergo`s estimations, the maximum installed capacity of the solar and wind generation which may be integrated into the Ukrainian power system without serious deviations in work amounts to 3000 MW. The following scope may be attained in December 2019. Taking into account the mentioned conditions the power system will be balanced and all necessary capacity reserves from the existent generation will be ensured.

    “As of today Ukrenergo has issued the technical specifications regarding integration of the “green” generation with a total capacity up to 7426 MW. It will certainly need the proportional reduction of the basic capacity of the NPP (nuclear power plants) and increase in the TPP (thermal power plants) generation in order to ensure the necessary scope of reserves. It actually contradicts with the global and national policy regarding energy decarbonization, we may observe the increase in the energy dependence risks”, mentioned Vsevolod Kovalchuk in course of his presentation.  

    Otherwise speaking, the “green” generation should be ensured by the highly-maneuverable reserve capacity stuck to the reliable and clear schedule of work: the more “green” power plants in the total structure of generation, the more mobile reserves we need.

    Ukrenergo, thus, offers a single solution – to launch the power plants of the fast-speed mobile reserve (gas generator stations, HPSPP) with a capacity up to 3000 MW. It will increase the basic load of the NPP and reduce the load of TPP while partial stoppage. The world`s experience proves that the power system may be balanced at the initial stages of the “green” generation integration by means of the demand regulation system and implementation of the ancillary services market.

    “We have got no more than one year till the “moment of truth”. The decision regarding further development of the renewable energy sources in Ukraine should be made today both on the state level and by the power companies”, emphasized Vsevolod Kovalchuk.

    At present Ukrenergo is finishing the estimations of the threshold values for wind and solar power plants that may be launched without any risks for the Ukrainian power system unbalance.  As it has already been mentioned the CEO at Ukrenergo will publicly present the results of the investigations in the nearest future.


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