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  • Integration of the ips of ukraine to ENTSO-E as an integral element of the new electricity market model operation

     Integration of the Integrated Power System of Ukraine to ENTSO-E is an effective step  to minimize risks , while implementation of the new electricity market model in Ukraine. Vsevolod Kovalchuk proclaimed the following statement during the round table on “Creation of opportunities for the electricity export/import in Europe” held on September 22 in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

    «Free commercial electricity exchange, its export and import under the transparent market conditions between Ukraine and Europe is the best way to prevent the monopoly and to create a fair price on electricity and adjacent services on the domestic market», – mentioned CEO of Ukrenergo.

    Within new market model, the consumers will choose the most advantageous supplier including the foreign one. Thus, the competitiveness in the mid-term will lead to the price drop for all consumers on domestic market. Energy-intensive enterprises will reduce the product costs mainly constituting of the electricity expenses.    

    Parallel operational mode with ENТSO-E and increase in capacity of the interstate electric power lines up to 4000MV will expand the scope of electricity trade with the EU countries by means of available production capacity use.  All producers including the traditional ones will gain the opportunity to export electricity, which will lead to the investment attractiveness of the industry and will accelerate the modernization process.

    At last, the synchronization with Europe means a diversification of the electricity supply sources, one of the main steps to the power independence of the State.
    «Integration with ENTSO-E is a nationwide project which is to bring many advantages. Thus we have to join the efforts in order to perform it as soon as possible», – V.Kovalchuk summed up.

    In order to coordinate the work and processes related to the synchronization of Ukraine with the ENTSO-E energy system, Ukrenergo CEO offered to point out key tasks at the Parliamentary level, to establish a Coordination Center under the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, and to hold a separate NSDC meeting.


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