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    The company’s first 150 kV gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) manufactured by the South Korean company «Hyosung» was supplied to SS 330 kV «Kremenchuk». 

    Arrival of 150 kV GIS at SS 330 kV «Kremenchuk»

    The equipment was purchased for complex reconstruction of the facility within the framework of the first phase of the automation program of substations.

    Funding is provided under the Second power transmission project (PTP-2), which is implemented jointly with the World Bank.

    In February 2017, Ukrenergo entered into an international contract with the Posco-Hyosung-Horos Consortium, which provides for the reconstruction of SS 330 kV «Kremenchuk» with installation of 330 kV and 150 kV GIS on a turn-key basis.

    SS 330 kV «Kremenchuk» is a nodal energy facility that provides electricity to powerful consumers (Poltavaoblenergo, Southern Railway, Poltava and Yeristiv mining and concentrating companies), and also plays an important role in the reliable operation of the power grid of Ukraine.

    Unloading of 150 kV GIS at SS «Kremenchuk»

    At present 330 kV and 150 kV switchgears, which were built and introduced in the 1960s, are available at the substation. Most equipment is physically worn out and morally outdated. During this period, energy consumption in the region has increased significantly, and it is necessary to apply security restrictions for repair and maintenance of substation equipment.

    «The new GIS will significantly increase the level of safety, reliability and efficiency of the transmission of electricity, will enable the control of the substation in the remote mode. GIS equipment has a long lifetime, guaranteed by the production plant, and a significantly greater inter-repair interval compared to the existing electrical installation», — said the ‎Head of Project Management Office of ‎SE NPC Ukrenergo Oleg Pavlenko.

    Loading 330 kV GIS per vessel

    The area on which the switchgears are located will be significantly reduced: if switchgears now occupy more than ten ha, the new GIS will be placed in a single building. Thanks to this modern technology, maintenance and operation costs of the substation will be significantly reduced.

    «The next phase within the framework of the Contract will be the supply of 330 kV GIS, which, after successful factory acceptance testing at a plant in South Korea, has already gone out to Ukraine by sea. It is expected that the transport ship will arrive in Odessa harbor next month», – informed Oleg Pavlenko.

    For reference:

    * GIS – an electrical installation for receiving and distributing electricity of one voltage class containing a set of switching devices, auxiliary devices for relay protection and automatics, accounting and measurement instruments.

    The vessel with 330 kV GIS is on the way

    The GIS technology lies in the fact that the insulating gas is used as an insulating agent: the insulating gas pressure, sufficient for arc extinction between contact elements, is created in the cabinet. All the components under pressure are placed in the compartments and provide effective protection of the isolation system from external factors. The number of moving parts and drives is reduced to a minimum.

    In this case, the maximum service life is ensured with a minimum amount of periodic and ongoing maintenance. The use of insulating gas can significantly (up to 10-15 times) reduce the dimensions of the switchgear themselves, as well as buildings and areas for their installation.  In addition, extensive radio interference and sound effects (shots) that arise during the operation of air-blast breakers are eliminated.


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