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    The 330kV Novokakhovska-Khersonska overheadline is connected to the circuit after reconstruction.

    Hence, Ukrenergo has completed the realization of the second international contract within a large-scale 750 kV Zaporizka NPP-Kakhovska line with a 750 kV “Kakhovska” substation.  

    The reconstruction process involved replacement of 90 reinforced concrete and 27 steel poles. The line is equipped with the powerful poles across the  Inhulets and Dnieper rivers (amount up to 90 meters), there were installed as well 58 poles within the entry point.

    Earlier in June the 330 kV Novokakhovska-Ostrovska substation entry point was constructed as well as the current overhead line site was reconstructed along with connection of a new entry point consisting of 250 poles.  

    The connection to the circuit of the 330 kV Novokakhovska-Khersonska and Novokakhovska-Ostrovska lines allowed to connect two absolutely unique autotransformers at the 750 kV “Kakhovska” substation as well as the cross regulation transformer which is to ensure the flows control from the Zaporizka NPP to the 750 kV “Kakhovska” substation.  

    As well the works are still being performed regarding the equipment reconstruction at the 330kV “Khersonska” and “Kakhovska” substations. New 750kV “Zaporizka NPP-Kakhovska line with a total length of 190km is being also under construction.

    Vsevolod Kovalchuk, CEO at Ukrenergo, during one of the visits at site commented on the project: “We are observing the excellent sample of the utmost efficiency we may operate with. It is one of the most ambitious hi-tech energy facilities in the independent Ukraine`s history. We are fully automating the technological processes and installing the power equipment of leading European manufacturers. It should be mentioned as well we are implementing the European standards and provisions while realization of the project stages”.  


    Construction of the 750 kV Zaporizka NPP-Kakhovska line along with the 750 kV “Kakhovska” substation constitutes one the elements of the 750 kV southern ring, previewed by the Energy strategy of Ukraine for the period till 2030.

    Aim of the project – to increase the Ukrainian energy system southern part operational modes by means of lifting grid limitations as regards to the Zaporizka NPP capacity output; to increase the throughput capacity of the Ukrainian energy system southern part crossings by means of strengthening the Kakhovka energy unit connection with the Ukrainian energy system trunk power grids.  

    The project involves as well: construction of the 330kV Novokakhovska-Ostrovska (27,9 km) and Novokakhovska-Ostrovska (15,9km) entry points to the 750 kV “Kakhovska” substation and the reconstruction of the existing 330 kV “Novpkakhovska” substation.

    Implementation of the project ensures:

    – up to 700 MW additional capacity from the ZNPP being limited as of now by the throughput capacity of the existing OHL;

    – increase in the power supply reliability to the Ukrainian energy system southern part by means of capacity transit directly from the generation facility (Zaporizka NPP);

    – connection of the renewable generation to the 750 kV “Kakhovska” SS and 330 kV “Novokakhovska” SS;

    The project is financed by the credit funds of the European Bank for Development and Reconstruction (EBRD) and the European Investment Bank (EIB) on a par in the amunt of 350 million euros.  

    Value of the contracts (due to the international competitive biddings) amounts to 200 million euros.

    The tender procedures occured according to the EBRD and EIB policies and standards.  

    Potential economic impact from the project for the country`s economy is up to 5 billion UAH/year.

    Additional 700 MW of the ZNPP capacity output = 6 bln kWh∙h of electricity = economy of 1,2 mln tons of coal year.  


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