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  • An agreement signed on conditions for integration of power systems of Ukraine and Moldova with ENTSO-E

    Brussels, June 28, 2017​ . During the ENTSO-E Assembly, the signing ceremony of the “Agreement on the conditions for the future integration of power systems of Ukraine and Moldova with the grid of continental Europe” took place.

    In the presence of the Secretary – General of ENTSO-E Laurent Schmitt, Vsevolod Kovalchuk, CEO Ukrainian system operator Ukrenergo, signed the historic document. The Moldelectrica SE and all system operators belonging to the ENTSO-E Regional Group “Continental Europe” should also sign the Agreement.
    The document consists of three main parts:
    – A catalog of requirements, the unconditional execution of which is necessary for a decision on the
    integration of power systems;
    – List of necessary additional researches;
    – Road map.
    According to Vsevolod Kovalchuk, CEO Ukrainian system operator Ukrenergo: “The signing of the Agreement is a truly historic event, as it is the starting point for the beginning of integration of the Integrated Power System of Ukraine into a European grid.”
    Although technically working in a parallel mode with ENTSO-E and similar work with Russia, Belarus, Moldova are similar processes, they are based on completely different economic models. In particular, synchronization with the ENTSO-E requires not only the implementation of a whole series of complex technological measures, but it requires the restructuring of the whole market of electricity in the country and its transfer to absolutely market mechanisms, when any consumer in Ukraine will be able to import electricity from any EU country, and any electricity producer – to export it to the final consumer in Europe.

    Therefore, synchronization with the ENTSO-E is impossible without the full implementation of the new model of the electricity market in accordance with the requirements of the Third Energy Package Synchronization will have undeniable positive effects for the country as a whole. “Ukraine, as never before, has a historic opportunity in a fairly short time to take a step aimed at strengthening its own energy security and full integration into the European energy market,” said Vsevolod Kovalchuk.
    CEO of Ukrenergo also met with the Vice-President of the European Commission for the Energy Community, Maroshe Shevchovic. Discussed further algorithm of actions on synchronization of power systems and introduction of a new model of the market. Mr. Shevchovych in turn assured the full support of the European integration initiatives of the Ukrainian system operator.

    For reference:
    Now ENTSO-E Integration of the Ukrainian Integrated Power System to the Continental Energy System ENTSO-E is one of the priority and part of the policy of Ukraine’s energy independence (Program of activity of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, approved by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Decree No. 26-VIII of December 11, 2014).
    In May 2006, the governing bodies of the European Transmission Network Operators Association (UCTE) (now ENTSO-E) considered and accepted the application for the accession of the Ukrainian IPSs and the PS of Moldova as the only regulatory block to the UCTE synchronous zone. It was decided to create a Ukraine-Moldova / UCTE Project Group (GHG) headed by a representative of the Romanian company Transelectrica.
    In January 2008, the UCTE governing bodies approved the “Terms of Reference for the Ukraine-Moldova Accession Project to the UCTE Electricity System”. The project was divided into three stages: “A” – Conduct a study of the state of the energy system of the applicants, development of a catalog of measures and preparation of an agreement to be signed by Ukrenergo / Moldelectrica and ENTSO-E; “B” – Realization of certain measures; “C” – Preparation and conducting of tests in the modes of separate work and integration of power systems.
    In 2015, the research was successfully completed and in early 2016 executives were provided with detailed reports to the customer, all the members of the Consortium and the Project Group. The results of the research were based on the “Agreement on the conditions for the future integration of power systems of Ukraine and Moldova with the continental Europe grid”.
    On May 23, 2017, at the Plenary Meeting of the ENTSO-E Regional Group Continental Europe, the finalized content of the Agreement on the conditions for the future integration of the power systems of Ukraine and Moldova with the continental Europe grid system was agreed upon and proposed to all the System Operators of the ENTSO-E Regional Group “Continental Europe,” Moldelectrica SE and Ukrenergo to sign the said Agreement.


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