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    For the first time in the history of Ukrainian cinema, we will have a possibility to watch a fantastic picture produced fully in Ukraine. It was created by the Ukrainian studio “mental dRrive” with the support of the State Film Agency. The public premiere screening will take place on 30 August.

    As noted by the creators of the film, 50 percent of the picture’s running time is devoted to computer graphics. A team of 100 people worked over the creation of visual special effects (VFX). It is also pleasant that many people worked on the film for ideological reasons.

    “This film will be a breakthrough for the entire VFX industry. Particular thanks to our partners, namely the State Film Agency, digital operator lifecell and Ukrenergo. Without them, this film would not exist. Many thanks to the Swedish sales agency LevelK, which announced obtaining a movie license in the online edition of ScreenDaily. This is a great success for our team. I am eager to make this film an example for the Ukrainian audience, to show that everything is possible if you really want it,” said Oleksii Moskalenko, the general producer.

    “When we thought about the idea of ​​a film, it was the most important for us to show that each of us was responsible for the fate of the world around us. The film states that everyone should defend their land, regardless of who you are – either a superhero or a boy scout,” noted Maksym Ksionda, the director.

    “We aim to show children and teenagers the importance of energy and energy security in our lives, to give them more knowledge about the energy industry and thus make them more interested. After all, the future of the power sector and the state will depend on them. Therefore, a joint project with the Bobot team is a good opportunity to accomplish this task. We have an opportunity to bring important information to the youngest audience through an exciting film,” said Ukrenergo CEO Vsevolod Kovalchuk.

    On 27 August, a pre-release screening took place at the Lviv cinema Planeta Kino 4DX – Forum Lviv. Before the show, the viewers had an opportunity to chat with the film director, producer and crew.

    With the support of Ukrenergo, a board game based on the film was developed. It will be released very soon.

    Recently, the film team has launched a social initiative on garbage collection #BobotAgainstGarbage, supported by “Kyivmiskvtorresursy,” “Ukraine without garbage” and a chain of supermarkets “Silpo.”

    Trailer link:

    Synopsis of the film:

    Electricity may disappear across the planet because of a powerful explosion on the Sun. The electromagnetic field of the Earth serves as a shield built by people, formed by special power stations, one of which was disabled by scavengers – unknown creatures. The 12-year-old Vadyk falls into the whirlwind of events and bears the mission of saving the world. The Bobot, a transformer booth and a carrier of the Energy of the Universe, comes to help the boy. Together they try to prevent a catastrophe. Now the fate of humankind depends on the courage of Vadyk.

    For reference:

    SE NPC Ukrenergo is a power company that performs the operational and technological control over the Integrated Power System of Ukraine (IPS). Ukrenergo supports the film within the framework of its program of corporate social responsibility in order to promote Ukrainian power sector and technical professions. The company’s specialists willingly provided the creative team with professional consulting, as well as contributed to the creation of one of the scenes since one of the Ukrenergo’s power substations was chosen as the basis of the Stration in the film.

    lifecell is the driver of the Ukrainian telecom market, offering its subscribers the widest portfolio of digital services and products, including BiP Messenger, music application fizy, lifebox cloud storage, lifecell registers and lifeSport services, My lifecell application. The company helped to shoot several scenes using cellular communication.


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