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    As earlier informed, key managers and officials of SE NPC UKRENERGO, including the Company’s Head Mr. Vsevolod Kovalchuk, have passed the polygraph testing (lie detector).

    Testing has been performed by specialists of the All-Ukrainian association of polygraphologists, who have set up the list of questions based on the court resolution published earlier concerning the office-search performed at UKRENERGO by the General Prosecutor’s Office.

    The issue concerned a number of pre-trial investigation documents, therefore specialists and managers of different UKRENERGO’s departments have passed testing. First of all, it concerned officials directly responsible for organizing and implementing tenders, drafting tender documentation, planning and setting up budgets, who are communicating with potential and current counter-agents, participate in creating and implementing infrastructure projects etc. Polygraph testing has also been passed by members of the former Tender Committee. We shall remind that the institution of Authorized persons has been introduced at UKRENERGO, replacing eliminated Tender Committees. This allowed personification of responsibility for procurement of goods, works and services for the company and neutralizing corruption risks during all procurement phases.



    Apart from managers and employees directly involved in UKRENERGO’s procurement processes, testing initiative has been supported by other key managers in all strategic fields: investments and strategies, electricity market, security, IT personnel, legal support, projects management. 

    We shall emphasize that the polygraph testing was voluntary. Testing of mentioned employees was successful, which was undoubtful. We are working at UKRENERGO faithfully and openly. And we wish all others would work similarly.

    We would like to remind that polygraph testing has been initiated by Vsevolod Kovalchuk, UKRENERGO’s Head, and he was the first person to pass it. The testing report was published here. Compliance of testing procedure to all requirements and credibility of tests’ answers has been acknowledged by an expert of the physiology laboratory of the American association of polygraphologists.


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