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  • Zaporizhia NPP and Luhanska TPP expanded their potential for participation in the ancillary services market

    NPC Ukrenergo has certified Unit 1 at Zaporizhia NPP of NNEGC Energoatom for participation in the ancillary services market (ASM) in terms of providing frequency containment reserves (FCR) in the volume of ±20 MW. The certified volume of FCR at Units 10 and 13 of DTEK Skhidenergo’s Luhanska TPP has also increased by ±22 MW.

    From now on, ZNPP will be able to feed to the power system ±40 MW of FCR, and LuTPP – ±42 MW. The resulting total volume of FCR in the IPS of Ukraine has grown to ±239 MW, which constitutes twice the demand (±114 MW).

    The frequency containment reserve refers to the automatic reserves of fast response (up to 30 seconds) to a minimum frequency deviation without a dispatcher instruction. Such reserves are employed to stop a change of the current frequency in the power system and prevent such change from reaching emergency values.

    It is to be recalled that Ukrenergo certified Unit 2 at Zaporizhia NPP on June 22, ZNPP became the first nuclear power plant authorized to provide ancillary services in the bidding zone of the Integrated Power System (IPS) of Ukraine.

    In the bidding zone of the IPS of Ukraine, 17 power plants can provide ancillary services to the power system, 6 of which provide FCR. The total volume of certified FCR is ±239 MW, automatic frequency restoration reserves (FRR) — 1,649 MW (±913 MW), manual FRR — 4,065 MW (-4014), replacement reserves (RR) — 4,808 MW.


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