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  • Ukrenergo will replace 18 transformers at substations in 2019

    Ukrenergo substituted 2 auto transformers at the substations 330 kV “Rivne” and “Poltava” and has installed new auto transformer-4 at the substation 330 kV “Kremenchuk”. 

    This year, these were the first transformers installed as a part of the transformers replacement program started in 2016.

    The equipment was changed simultaneously with the reconstruction of the open distribution devices in terms of substitution of the voltage suppressors, outdated switches and current transformers based on electronegative gas, etc. Besides, some projects envisage introduction of an automated system for management of technological processes that is being implemented under the substation automation program. In future, it will allow to monitor work and manage substation equipment remotely.

    Transformer replacement programme envisages replacement and installation of 53 units of the transformer equipment that has outlived its design lifetime (25-30 years) and has been in operation for over 40 years.

    This year 18 units more are to be replaced at 12 substastions.

    Bringing substations’ main equipment up to date considerably enhances the reliability of the transmission system, and for certain projects allows to increase the overall transformer capacity of the substations, which has a direct impact on the operational security of the power system and the possibility of the development in the regions.


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