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  • Ukrenergo starts reconstruction of 750 kV Vinnytska substation

    At the 750 kV Vinnytska substation, the first stage of the technical rehabilitation project has started, which includes the installation of new autotransformer groups AT-1 and AT-2 (each having three phases) and a phase-shifting transformer — PST AT-2 (three phases).

    Reconstruction of the 750 kV Vinnytska substation is part of the Programme “Improving the Efficiency of Electricity Transmission (Reconstruction of Transformer Substations) – II”, implemented with loan funds from the German Government Bank KfW.

    The first phase comprises the installation of the AT-1 transformer group, which will enable the further replacement of three phases of AT-2. This phase is scheduled for completion in 2022. AT-2 and PST AT-2 are scheduled for installation during the second phase of the project.

    The reconstruction and rehabilitation of the 750 kV Vinnytska substation are driven by the need to replace the obsolete AT-2 installed back in the 1970s. The new equipment will primarily improve the reliability of the power supply of consumers in the Vinnytsia region. In addition, the project is important in view of future plans to build the 330 kV overhead line Dnistrovska PSP – Vinnytska 750 kV with the reconstruction of 330 kV switchgear at Dnistrovska PSP and 750 kV Vinnytska substation. This overhead line would enable power output from new hydro units of Dnistrovska PSP and its operation in pumping mode.

    The new AT-1 autotransformer manufactured by PrJSC Zaporizhtransformator, which should be installed at the 750 kV Vinnytska substation, includes three phases of 750/330/110/15 kV autotransformers with a capacity of 333 MVA and three phases of phase-shifting transformers with a capacity of 92 MVA. Building structures are dismantled, and AT-1 foundations and oil sumps are ready. Attachments for autotransformers and phase-shifting transformers are mounted.

    It is to be recalled that NPC Ukrenergo is implementing a comprehensive automation programme that provides for the reconstruction and APCS installation at all substations of the Company. The programme is aimed at improving the reliability of the power transmission system and providing the level of reliability and security of the network in accordance with the ENTSO-E requirements. The Programme is implemented with loan funds from international financial institutions.


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