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  • Ukrenergo starts reconstruction of 220 kV Boryslav and 330 kV Kovel substations

    NPC Ukrenergo starts reconstruction of the substations (SS) 220 kV Boryslav (Lviv Region) and 330 kV Kovel (Volyn Region). Relevant permits for work commencement were obtained from the State Architectural and Construction Inspectorate of Ukraine

    The reconstruction will be carried out under a comprehensive programme for substations automation aimed at equipment upgrading with the introduction of modern schemes of switchgear units and the installation of automated process control systems (APCS), as well as improving the efficiency and reliability of electricity transmission. The work will be performed under the Reconstruction of Transformer Substations Project financed with loan funds from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development and is part of the Second Power Transmission Project.

    The substations reconstruction will encompass the replacement of equipment at the 330, 220 and 110 kV outdoor switchgear units providing power to the substations of distribution system operators, the 35 kV auxiliary outdoor switchgear at substations, cable facilities, auxiliary boards, relay protection and automation, as well as the installation of the automated process control system enabling the remote operational control of substations from a remote dispatch centre. In addition, SS 330 kV Kovel will be equipped with an additional 330/110/35 kV autotransformer with a capacity of 200 MVA, which will provide opportunities for the further development of the region’s industry and the city of Kovel. The existing equipment of switchgear units at these substations has an expired service life, is significantly worn and technically outdated.

    SS 220 kV Boryslav substation with a transformer capacity of 270 MVA was built back in 1952 and supplies power through the networks of the distribution system operator to industrial and municipal consumers in the city of Boryslav and nearby settlements.

    SS 330 kV Kovel substation with a transformer capacity of 450 MVA has been operating since 1986 and supplies power through distribution networks to the city of Kovel, nearby settlements, and one of the largest agricultural machinery manufacturers – PJSC Kovelsilmash.

    In addition, SS 330 kV Kovel will soon energize a new 110/27.5/10 kV traction substation with a transformer capacity of 40 MVA being built by JSC Ukrzaliznytsia to power its infrastructure.

    The comprehensive reconstruction of SS 220 kV Boryslav and SS 330 kV Kovel will significantly enhance the reliability of electricity transmission to the distribution networks in these regions and, accordingly, the reliability of power supply to industry and the households, and will bring the technological level of equipment and control systems at these substations to the European level.

     * From 15 September 2021 – the State Inspectorate of Architecture and Urban Planning of Ukraine.

    SS 330 kV Kovel

    SS 220 kV Boryslav




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