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  • Ukrenergo starts construction of a unique 330 kV Zakhidna substation near Kyiv

    Ukrenergo starts construction of a 330 kV Zakhidna substation (SS) with diversions of 330 kV lines near the village of Gorenychi in the Kyiv region. This construction is included in the Transmission System Development Plan for 2021–2030 approved by the NEURC. The new substation will provide at the first stage the transfer of 400 MVA of additional capacity to the western part of Kyiv and the Kyiv region and will improve the reliability and quality of electricity supply to consumers in these areas, considering the increasing electricity demand due to intensive construction of new residential areas and cottage communities.

    The substation uniqueness stems from its engineering solution: the site and its access road will rest on the monolithic slab grillage (slabs lying on a pier foundation distributing the load on the base) supported by almost 1.5 thousand reinforced concrete piles.  This design solution was developed to prevent flooding of the substation because its site is located in the floodplain in the area subject to floodwaters from the Irpin River. This technology of construction will ensure the durability and reliability of all structures that will be built and will minimize the impact on the environment. The design is authored by Proenergy LLC, has passed the comprehensive state expert review and obtained construction permits.

    “Reinforced concrete piles are now being tested at the site, and the Korean plant Hyosung Heavy Industries has started factory tests of the 330 kV gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) unit. The expected completion of construction is October 2022,” said Project Manager Mariia Sydorko.

    The project provides for the installation of two autotransformers (ATs) of 200 MVA each with the prospect of installing a third autotransformer, the installation of 330 and 110 kV gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) units, and the full automation of the substation. The GIS units will significantly reduce maintenance costs compared to outdoor switchgear units and, due to the GIS compact size, the substation will occupy 1.5 hectares, as distinct from traditional outdoor switchgear units that would require a substation of about 9–12 hectares.

    The SS 330 kV Zakhidna will be connected to the trunk power grid by diversions of the 330 kV Kyivska–Pivnichna and Kyivska–Novokyivska lines. In the longer term, a 330 kV cable line will be built connecting the SS 330 kV Zakhidna with the SS 330 kV Nyvky. The SS 330 kV Zakhidna construction is in synch with the development plans of distribution system operators (DSOs) – PrJSC DTEK Kyivsky elektromerezhi and PrJSC DTEK Kyivsky rehionalni elektromerezhi. To transfer power to consumers in Kyiv and the region, the substation will be connected to twenty 110 kV power lines of the corresponding distribution system operators and, eventually, four more 110 kV overhead lines of DSOs will be added. It should be noted that the DSO development plans for 2021–2022 already include costs for the design and construction of 110 kV overhead line diversions to the SS 330 kV Zakhidna.

    “The construction of the SS 330 kV Zakhidna and the associated development of the 110 kV power grids is the most rational and effective measure providing a comprehensive and long-run solution to the problem of electricity supply to consumers in the western part of the Kyiv city and region,” said Oleksii Brekht, Director of Grid Operation and Development at NPC Ukrenergo.

    The project is implemented with the support of the Kyiv city and regional state administrations in matters of coordinating the directions of routes, land allocation for the access road, routes of power line diversions, etc.

    The SS 330 kV Zakhidna with 330 kV overhead line diversions is built with loan funds from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development saved in the construction project of the OHL 750 kV Zaporizka NPP–Kakhovska. The construction cost is about USD 32 million. The General Contractor is a consortium of Korean companies Posco International & Hyosung selected based on results of international competitive bidding.


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