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  • Ukrenergo started trial operation of Datahub first software module

    NPC Ukrenergo as a commercial metering administrator (CMA) has started the trial operation of the software module for the register of commercial metering points (CMP). This is the first and most important element of the “Datahub” software platform (hereinafter – Datahub) – a centralized information exchange platform between market participants with a single database of the commercial metering points and the history of commercial metering data. The creation of Datahub is envisaged by the Commercial Metering Code.

    The CMP register was developed and implemented by specialists of CMA and Ukrenergo Digital Solutions LLC, who are developing another two Datahub modules: “Receiving and processing of commercial metering data” (time series) and “Change of provider” (including to the “provider of last resort”) comprising all related processes.

    The basis of Datahub is the CMP register – the database with information on commercial metring sites, providers of commercial metering services and electricity market participants, which is to be created and maintained by the CMA.

    With the register module implemented, it will be possible to automate the process of registering the commercial metering points and launch the process of rapid bulk data uploading simultaneously for all target CMPs, which is scheduled for completion by late September 2021.

    The CMP registration process mainly depends on market participants, who now administer CMPs through the market platform MMS, in particular on how quickly they will be uploading the relevant data. Ukrenergo provides all the necessary tools and support for this.

    To this effect, on 20 May, Ukrenergo held a workshop presentation “Datahub and CMP Register. Implementation and Cooperation” for more than 100 representatives of market participants. The event included a first online demonstration of the Datahub software along with the presentation of uploading the data of commercial metering sites for representatives of system operators (as administrators of commercial metering points).

    Participants reviewed and discussed:

    • format, basic requirements and possible ways to upload data of commercial metering sites to Datahub;
    • terms of bulk data uploading by system operators;
    • users authorization in Datahub and functions of the software platform;
    • basic requirements for receiving and processing of commercial metering data (time series); data integration with MMS platform;
    • future plans and phases of Datahub processes automation.

    Given the large amount of data to upload, trial operation of the software module will take several months, and the commercial metering administrator encourages system operators to actively participate in the process in order to set it running and ensure effective interaction between all stakeholders.

    Workshop presentation materials are published on the NPC Ukrenergo’s website in section Commercial Metering Administrator – Organization of commercial meteringCMP Register at the link (in Ukrainian).



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