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  • Ukrenergo started reconstruction of OHL 220 kV Trykhaty – Dobroslavska

    NPC Ukrenergo has started the reconstruction of OHL 220 kV Trykhaty – Dobroslavska with a diversion at SS 220 kV Berezan. The total length the OHL to be reconstructed is 20.08 km.

    Reconstruction of the OHL will increase the reliability of the trunk networks in the region, as it is one of the lines of the system-forming network of 220 kV, which is the power source for Odesa power node. As a result of the reconstruction, the reliability of power supply of Mykolaiv region will considerably increase.

    OHL 220 kV Trykhaty – Dobroslavska was built in 1960. During the entire operation period, the OHL intermediate reinforced concrete towers have got significant defects and require replacement.

    During the reconstruction, over 70 reinforced concrete towers, 70 tons of wire, 25 tons of lightning protection cable, insulation and couplings will be replaced. It is worth noting that all building structures, materials, and equipment for the OHL are mostly of domestic manufacturing, and building materials (sand, mixtures and gravel for the towers) are supplied from local quarries and enterprises.

    These and similar works on the reconstruction of the OHL are carried out by NPC Ukrenergo with a mandatory preliminary EIS, which is part of the project, and, if necessary, provide for compensatory measures.

    The project is an integral part of NPC Ukrenergo Investment Programme and is funded from the company’s tariffs. The reconstruction of OHL 220 kV Trykhaty – Dobroslavska is planned to be completed in H2 2022 subject to obtaining approval for works from landowners/users of land plots crossed by the power line.


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