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  • Ukrenergo started preparations for construction of 330 kV Slobozhanska substation near Kharkiv

    Ukrenergo held the first joint meeting with representatives of Kharkiv regional state administration and JSC Kharkivoblenergo to discuss the construction of a new 330 kV Slobozhanska substation (SS) near Kharkiv. The purpose of the meeting was to coordinate joint efforts to launch the construction project of SS 330 kV Slobozhanska and the 330 kV grid infrastructure, which was recognized by the Government as one of the priority investment projects of the energy sector by 2023 (Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 1581 of 16 December 2020).

    “SS 330 kV Slobozhanska will become a principal station for Kharkiv energy ring that will take part of consumers of the city of Kharkiv and northern districts of Kharkiv region and will enable the additional transfer of up to 400 MVA of capacity to the 110 kV network. This will reduce the load of 110 kV transit ties from the 330 kV substation, lessen the dependence on the CHPP-5 performance and will also improve the reliability and quality of power supply. The project is part of the Transmission System Development Plan for 2021–2030 and it is one of the facilities that will ensure the resilient power supply to the eastern region during synchronous operation of the Ukrainian power system with ENTSO-E’s Continental Europe power system,” – commented Oleksii Brekht, Director for Grid Operation and Development at NPC Ukrenergo.

    The project encompasses the construction of a new 330 kV Slobozhanska substation with the transformer capacity of 400 MVA (2×200 MVA) and diversions of OHLs 330 kV Zmiivska TPP–Belgorod and Zaliutyne–Sumy with the installation of a fibre-optic communication line. Also, Ukrenergo’s new substation will be connected to the 110 kV lines of the distribution system operator (DSO) JSC Kharkivoblenergo, which the DSO will need to build. The new substation will be equipped with complete gas-insulated switchgear units for 330 and 110 kV, which make it possible to build the facility on a small territory and also reduce further operating expenses. The substation will be fully automated, which means that its equipment can be controlled remotely from Ukrenergo’s dispatch centre.

    Construction will start in 2022. The estimated cost of construction is about UAH 2.3 billion.

    Given the extent of the facility, to reduce the burden on Ukrenergo’s electricity transmission tariff, negotiations are currently underway with the European Investment Bank seeking a potential loan to finance the project using the funds saved under the EBRD and EIB joint project for the construction of the OHL 750 kV Zaporizhzhia NPP–Kakhovska.


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