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  • Ukrenergo review, 24-31 august 2017

    1. The largest again.The world`s largest power company was established in China by combining Shenhua Group Corp. і China Guodian Corp. The newly-created monster of the power industry will become the second largest company in the world in terms of revenue and the biggest one. The installed capacity of a Chinese giant amounts to 225GV. Let`s think over it: an installed capacity of the Integrated Power System of Ukraine amounted to 55,3 GV in the end of 2016. Numbers impress however the other impressive fact is that 15% of the Company assets account for the renewable energies. Chinese government counts on the scope. Well, it`s not surprising for the greatest energy producer in the world which has already become the biggest driver of the alternative energy sources. 
    2. Money out of thin air:Green energy has contributed to the USA economy UAH 113 billion for the last 10 years. Obviously the renewable energies influence the improvement of the environment reducing the morbidity level. The analytics consider about 3 000 to 12 700 deaths were prevented over the last decade owing to the improvement of the environmental state and reducing of the carbon dioxide electricity generation. It is good, isn`t it? Moreover, the fact has contributed to the USA economy additional revenues in equivalent to 3,5 annual budgets of Ukraine excluding nominal economy and environmental effect. 
    3. Seasons change. The highest electricity consumption in Europe will change from winter to summer till the end of the century as a recent Berkly report proves. A third largest power market in the world (35 European countries) is using more and more air-conditioners in summer when the costs on heating in winter are reducing. The situation will require from the European bureaucrats to change the electricity infrastructure namely the power stations should be relocated, re-equipped or constructed from scratch. The main reason is connected to the global warming and climate changes which consequences are becoming more and more serious. 
    4. Hi-tech yarn producing energy. Laboratory researches in the USA have shown the yarn weighing less than a fly may illuminate a small LED light. Twistron is its name. Ray Boffman, a chief researcher, professor of the Texas University in Dallas, the yarn may be used to hook up the devices connected to the Internet and smart clothes. In the not too distant future the invention may even reduce the dependence on fossil fuels as it will completely cover the household needs. Carbon nanotubes – that`s a secret code. Right now they are developing a “Twistron harvester”. It`ll be possible to wove the yarn and generate some energy in your house. Just imagine your new shirt will not only warm you in winter but charge your devices.
    5. Green perspectives. Up to 1,6 thousands of households in Ukraine are now equipped with the solar panels as of 1st of June, 2017. It`s 4 times more that in 2016. Ecological tendency spreading among the regions of Ukraine where Kyiv and Kharkiv region are the most notorious.  Green generation is costly and  resource-intensive however future benefits prove it`s worth investing in the renewable energies for personal needs and even more the tariff dependence will be reduced diversifying own energy sources. Stylish. Eco-friendly. Modern. Green electricity is becoming a new trend.



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