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  • Ukrenergo reconstructed the interstate transmission line with a high-speed technological communication link with the networks of MAVIR, the Hungarian system operator

    Ukrenergo has completed the reconstruction and installation of a fibre-optic communication line (FOCL) at the 400 kV interstate power transmission line Mukacheve—Szabolcsbáka that serves for electricity export/import between Burshtyn TPP Island and the Hungarian power system. This will enhance the reliability of the transmission system, specifically, the electricity export/import, and will ensure the secure, robust, and high-speed data communication channels for the line relay protection, emergency automation, and remote protection.

    In particular, in the 26.5 km long section of the transmission line connecting the 400 kV Mukacheve substation with the state border, there are two lightning protection cables replaced and one of these cables has a built-in fibre-optic communication cable, besides, the 400 kV Mukacheve substation is equipped with additional equipment for relay protection and emergency automation. Also, this section of the transmission line has undergone the surface restoration of the reinforced concrete foundation of towers, anticorrosion protection of metal structures, and replacement of insulators in wire suspensions.

    The fibre-optic cable in the lightning protection cable provides the required quality of signal even when transmitting over long distances, high bandwidth and speed of information transmission, cybersecurity, and a long service life. The fibre-optic line at the OHL 400 kV Mukacheve—Szabolcsbáka will be a backup communication link supplementing the existing fibre-optic line at the OHL 220 kV Mukachevo—Kisvárda(Hungary).

    The reconstruction was financed using NPC Ukrenergo’s tariff funds under the investment programme.

    The reconstruction of the OHL 400 kV Mukacheve—Szabolcsbáka with the installation of the fibre-optic communication line is also envisaged in the Memorandum of Understanding and Joint Actions concluded between NPC Ukrenergo and MAVIR, the Hungarian system operator in 2018 on the arrangement of transmission of relay protection and emergency automation commands, as well as telecommunications and E-highway (Electronic Highway, the data transmission network of ENTSO-E’s transmission system operators) in Hungary direction. The resulting optical rings through the territories of Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and Romania will enable the reliable integration of the telecommunication network of NPC Ukrenergo into the network of ENTSO-E’s partner countries.

    Besides, the FOCL installation at the OHL 440 kV Mukacheve—Szabolcsbáka is part of the FOCL construction project in the western region and is an element of NPC Ukrenergo’s Concept of Telecommunication Network Development. According to the Concept, the reconstruction encompasses the connection of NPC Ukrenergo’s telecommunication networks with the networks of ENTSO-E’s partner countries (Slovakia, Romania, and Hungary).


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