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  • Ukrenergo reconstructed the 110 kV switchgear at Lozova substation in Kharkiv region

    Ukrenergo has completed the reconstruction of the 110 kV outdoor switchgear unit at the 330 kV Lozova substation in the Kharkiv region.

    The project comprised the installation of up-to-date electrical equipment of global brands, which will replace the outdoor switchgear equipment with expired service life and having spare parts and components that are mostly no longer available on the market. After the outdoor switchgear reconstruction, the substation will consume much less electricity for its own needs because once air circuit breakers are replaced with SF6 circuit breakers the compressor units will consume less electricity as well. Also, the new outdoor switchgear equipment provides a significant improvement to the facility’s reliability and safety and, accordingly, to consumers in the town of Lozova and partly to the infrastructure of the Southern Railway, which are powered from this substation. The reliability of the substation equipment also has an impact on the power supply of the town of Pervomaisk and serves as a link between the power plants Slovianska TPP and Zmiivska TPP.

    The outdoor switchgear reconstruction comprised the replacement of air circuit breakers with 7 SF6 circuit breakers (ABB), and the replacement of 21 current transformers (TRENCH), 7 voltage transformers (ABB), 39 isolators of different types manufactured by ABB and GE, and 9 surge arresters (ABB).

    In addition, auxiliary boards and DC boards were replaced, and a new 10GroE250 battery and the relay protection and automation panels based on microprocessor terminals were installed. Also, the radiation shelter was built, the surface drainage system was renovated, and part of the in-station roads was repaired. Design and construction works were performed by the contractor Kyiv Energy Construction Company and financed with Ukrenergo’s own funds.

    In long-term plans, the substation will reconstruct the 330 kV outdoor switchgear unit and replace 330 kV air circuit breakers with SF6 circuit breakers, and will therefore be able to completely stop using air devices and reduce significantly the operating expenses and the electricity consumption for substation’s in-house needs.


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