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  • Ukrenergo reconstructed a sector of the OHL 330 kV Zakhidnoukrainska—Rivne utilized in Rivnenska NPP power output network

    Ukrenergo reconstructed over 14 km of Zakhidnoukrainska—Rivne 330 kV overhead lines with a diversion to SS 330 kV Radyvyliv. The reconstruction targeted the side of the SS 750 kV Zakhidnoukrainska in the sector crossing the territories of Zhydachiv Raion of Lviv Oblast and Rohatyn Raion of Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast. This is the first phase of reconstruction resulting in the replacement of 40 intermediate reinforced concrete towers and two lightning protection cables 14 km long each, and the completion of restoration works at the towers. The overhead line is utilized in Rivnenska NPP power output network that is why its full reconstruction will be phased with a short-term deactivation of the OHL 330 kV Zakhidnoukrainska—Rivne.

    The works continued for a month and were complicated by security constraints, which required the OHL connection under operating voltage in the Rivne—Radyvyliv mode in order to ensure the stability of the power system. With this in mind, the loops on one of the anchor terminal towers were cut and the relay protection devices were reconfigured for the proper operation of the OHL. In the process, the OHL sector from SS 750 kV Zakhidnoukrainska to this tower remained disconnected, which made it possible to do its reconstruction.

    Besides, the line is highly exposed to induced voltage (residual potential on the deactivated line can reach 5.5 kV) because it passes in a common corridor with one OHL 750 kV and two OHLs 330 kV. For this reason, in order to perform the work in a safe and timely manner, power workers of the Zakhidna Power System additionally disconnected the loops on one of the towers so that the towers and lightning protection cables could be replaced simultaneously in different sectors of the transmission line.

    OHL 330 kV Zakhidnoukrainska—Rivne was built back in 1968 and based on inspection results required complete reconstruction.

    The reconstruction design was developed in 2019 by UKRENERGOBUDPROEKT LLC, the reconstruction work was performed by AREC-C LLC who won the tender.

    The second phase of reconstruction involves the design development and work performance to replace main components of OHL in the sector over 14 km long and is scheduled for 2021—2022.


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