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  • Ukrenergo Put into Action its Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

    Ukrenergo put into action its Corporate Social Responsibility Policy. The document is approved by the Company’s Supervisory Board and constitutes one of the key strategic directions of Ukrenergo’s strategy. The Policy includes provisions of the national laws of Ukraine, guidelines of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact, and the requirements of the international standard ISO 26000:2010 “Guidelines on Social Responsibility”.

    The Policy sets out the integral parts of the corporate social responsibility and the principles, which the Company adheres to during its operation, seeks to share with its partners and counterparties, and implements in practice:

    • strict compliance with the law and implementation of best practices of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development (the principle of “Law +”);
    • ensuring proper and safe working conditions;
    • respecting the interests of stakeholders;
    • minimizing the environmental footprint;
    • utilizing sustainable technologies and ensuring environmental safety of production;
    • supporting and developing the communities;
    • business ethics;
    • transparency.

    Activities and initiatives undertaken by the Company in pursuance of corporate social responsibility are aimed at benefiting the employees and the community as a whole, clearly demonstrate the practices of responsible consumption, care for the environment, and the attention to personal safety and national security in all its manifestations.

    One of Ukrenergo’s largest CSR projects is the nationwide education project for talented youth — Ukrenergo laboratories — which encompasses a number of initiatives. This includes the cooperation with industry-specific educational institutions to improve the quality of education and provide practical training for qualified personnel of Ukrenergo and of the entire energy sector, many motivational and educational projects, including in partnership with various organizations and many more.

    Ukrenergo is also actively implementing the “green office” concept, in which the Company switched to using recycled paper, thereby significantly reducing its quantities, and introduced a waste sorting project.

    This year, Ukrenergo’s project on the utilization and reuse of industrial waste was included into the first Voluntary National Review of Progress towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals in pursuance of the twelfth Global Sustainable Development Goal — the responsible consumption.

    The corporate donor programme “The Saving Energy of Your Blood” has become widely known in Ukraine. The programme is called to promote voluntary blood donation in Ukraine and to encourage as many companies as possible to participate in donation.

    To read more about NPC Ukrenergo’s Corporate Social Responsibility Policy, please visit here.


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