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  • Ukrenergo opens access to Datahab platform for electricity suppliers

    On 24 December, NPC Ukrenergo opened access to the Datahab information and communication platform for electricity suppliers. These market participants should register on the platform and verify basic data on the sites of their consumers. Access to the system is possible only using a qualified electronic signature of the company. NPC Ukrenergo has already posted a direct hyperlink to the Datahab platform on its corporate website in the Commercial Metering Administrator section. It also provides video instructions and instructions for users-suppliers.

    “Data verification by electricity suppliers marks a new phase in the development of the Datahab platform. The first phase of launching the platform lasted from May to December and involved uploading data by system operators to the register of commercial metering points. Today, the register contains data on all

    commercial metering sites available in the country – over 18.4 million points. Data on each site is broken down into 7 main groups, which include a total of 81 parameters. System operators are already completing certification of this data. For the time being, the suppliers can work in Datahab exclusively with the data of their customers. However, they often need to see data of potential customers before placing a contract. That is why we are working on giving temporary access for suppliers to this data with the consumer’s consent,” said Oleksandr Karpenko, Commercial Metering Director at NPC Ukrenergo.

    It is expected that data verification by electricity suppliers will take several months. Then the next phase of implementing new Datahab functions will start: changing the supplier and changing the user of an electrical installation.



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