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  • Ukrenergo news bulletin provides the latest information on the progress and challenges in preparing for the new electricity market

    In our latest update on the status of implementation of the market we report on the progress in participants’ registration, contracts concluded with the market participants

    as well as on the preliminary results of testing the software for the market segments of bilateral contracts, balancing market and ancillary services market. As regards registration of market participants:

    • Activity of market participants regarding registration has increased, with 205 companies already registered:
    • over 60 generation companies – (including 38 RES-based)
    • 26 Distribution System Operators (DSOs)
    • 23 Universal Service Providers (USPs)
    • An additional consultation office for the market participants opened at 27, Symona Petliury (Kyiv).
    • Market participants received 19 461 188 ЕІС codes.

    Implementation and testing of software of the new model of the electricity market:

    • Significantly increased activity of market participants and in software testing.
    • In total, about 60 companies participated in the testing of the market segment of bilateral contracts:
    • Every day about 50 companies participate in testing
    • The total daily amount of electricity under bilateral contracts is about 200 thousand MWh.
    • A total of 7 generating companies have participated in the testing of the balancing market segment.
    • Six generating companies took part in the testing of the market segment for ancillary services.
    • Next week, we’re expecting to update the module for the balancing market and the market of auxiliary services (taking into account the previous remarks).

    Concluding contracts with future participants in the new market:

    • on the settlement of electricity unbalances
    • with producers – more than 60 of the 535 required contracts
    • with electricity suppliers – 116 out of 399 contracts
    • with distribution system operators – 26 out of 32 contracts
    • on the provision of electricity transmission services
    • with producers — 8 of 535 contracts
    • with electricity suppliers – 220 of 399 contracts
    • with consumers -175 of 175 contracts.



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