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  • Ukrenergo, Moldelectrica and the Energy Community to Improve Processes Accompanying Cross-Border Power Exchange between Ukraine and Moldova 

    NPC Ukrenergo participated in the kick-off meeting on technical assistance aimed to improve the mechanisms of cross-border electricity trade between Moldova and Ukraine.

    The meeting was held in Vienna chaired by the Energy Community (EC), with the participation of representatives of Moldovan TSO, Moldelectrica. Technical assistance is part of the EU4Energy programme aimed at developing the energy sector in the Caucasus, Central Europe and East Asia. One of the TA’s main objectives is to agree on issues related to scheduling of cross-border flows, metering and adjustment of unintentional deviations between Ukrenergo and Moldelectrica with regard to the EU and ENTSO-E standards.

    The project will assess the current situation, hold consultations and draft practical recommendations that will help improve existing processes. The project’s deadline is April 2020.

    At the meeting, the parties exchanged their views on the situation and ways to resolve the issues, discussed the project schedule and the progress of its implementation.

    The project should deliver a transparent and fair mechanism for the adjustment of unintentional deviations that occur during the parallel operation of the respective power systems of Ukraine and Moldova.


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