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  • Ukrenergo learns Germany’s experience in handling challenges associated with RES

    As part of a joint project between Ukrenergo, the German Energy Agency (dena) and Elia Grid International (EGI) “System Transformation for an optimized integration of renewable energies in Ukraine”, our experts travelled to Berlin to study the experience of European TSOs.

    This time they looked at how TSOs in the EU implement their strategies and innovations and adapt to the rapid development of green energy.

    The project is funded through a grant from the Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy of Germany and will last until March 2020. The project aims to develop effective approaches for the integration of alternative generation into the integrated power system of Ukraine, which should strengthen the security of supplies and meet the EU standards. Amid the challenges Ukraine is currently faced with, this form of cooperation and training could help gain Germany’s best practices in integrating RES into the grid and in preparing it for new opportunities for the country’s economy driven by the rapidly developing renewables.

    As Ukrenergo is taking serious steps to prepare for further rapid deployment of green generation, in addition to traditional dispatching and network operations, this training event was focused on issues such as RES forecasting, congestion network scheduling and substation automation. A thorough analysis of the successes and failures of Germany’s case study will allow to avoid typical mistakes and speed up our own energy transition to green generation.


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