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  • Ukrenergo launched the new service “Glossary of Terms in the Power Industry Legislation”

    NPC Ukrenergo has developed and introduced the Glossary of terms in use in the power industry legislation of Ukraine and Europe. The Glossary is available on NPC Ukrenergo website in the corresponding menu option (or atthe link). 

    The Glossary will help all market participants and other interested parties quickly and easily find the definition of the term used in Ukrainian power industry laws together with the corresponding definition from the ENTSO-E legal framework.

    You can do the term search in Ukrainian or English, and also by typing the first letter of the necessary term. The search result will show the following information:

            term definition;

            reference to the regulatory document providing the term definition;

            English translation of the definition (if available in the database);

            definition of the equivalent term in the European legislation.

    This product will be useful for specialists working on the improvement of the legal framework, and it also serves to accumulate the necessary terminology to make the existing processes and rules unified and clear for all participants involved in the process.

    NB: The Glossary is still being updated for the definition of the European legislation terminology. We welcome your cooperation to improve the product, so please email proposals and comments on the contents and format of the Glossary to


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