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  • Ukrenergo is working on strengthening the security of its critical infrastructure

    Specialists from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), a Research Centre of the U.S. Department of Energy, have visited Ukrenergo for the third time.  During the meeting, experts from our Company’s security departments, representatives of the National Police, the National Institute for Strategic Studies and our American colleagues reviewed the draft document outlining threats to the critical infrastructure of Ukraine currently being developed by PNNL experts. The document will provide recommendations for strengthening the resilience of our power system. The groundwork for the document was laid during the previous two-week joint workshop held in December last year.

    Ukrenergo has discussed with the U.S. colleagues potential threats to the Ukrainian power system and compared them with the situation in the U.S. power system. PNNL experts have shared their experience in preventing security incidents at the critical infrastructure. This experience will be useful for assessing the effectiveness of physical protection systems in Ukraine. In view of the military actions in the east, the participants also discussed potential terrorist attacks and sabotage at power system facilities, as well as scenarios to prevent them.

    Ukrainian and American specialists have determined basic terms, levels, and types of threats to transmission power system/transmission power lines and distribution facilities. Practical strategy to prevent threats with concrete steps for the future implementation of the document will be considered at the next seminar on March 10 – 13. Pacific Northwest National Laboratory experts visit Ukrenergo under Ukrainian-US Strategic Energy Dialogue with support of US Department of Energy and US Embassy in Ukraine. The techniques used by PNNL are used to physically protect energy infrastructure and other sites of particular importance in the United States

    Last year, Ukrenergo developed the 2023 Company’s Cybersecurity Concept. It is based on the analysis of the information security in the company, own experience, and experience of world leaders in the field of cyber protection and information technologies. The document provides for enhancing the security of the company’s information infrastructure and minimizing the negative impact of incidents on its operation. In total, it comprises 30 projects in 4 years. These include creating a secure enterprise telecommunication system for secure interaction with the outside world and data centers, as well as professional staff training. One of the major achievements in this field was the creation of the Security Operations Center (SOC) in 2019 with its own tools and the system of collection and analysis of information security incidents and the modernization of Zakhidna power system dispatch center.


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