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    The first meeting with representatives of Grid Solution SAS was held in Ukrenergo on the implementation of the project for development and implementation of WAMS – Wide Area Monitoring System.  WAMS aims at increasing the stability of the power grid, especially in poor static stability regions. WAMS will reduce the likelihood of an emergency outage and improve the reliability of the power system.

    During the meeting, the representatives of Grid Solution SAS presented the project implementation plan and the timetable for its key stages. The technical details of WAMS implementation were also discussed and an agreement was reached to set up a bilateral working group to communicate and resolve work issues in the most efficient way.

    The contract with Grid Solution SAS for the implementation of the system was concluded following the results of international bidding in July 2019. The project is being implemented with the loan of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development under the Second Power Transmission Project (PTP-2). Under the contract, the implementation of the system is scheduled for January 2021.

    The implementation of WAMS is of utmost importance due to the prospect of a significant increase in RES power in Ukraine that significantly complicates its dispatching.

    WAMS is a modern, powerful tool for real-time monitoring of grid processes: deviations from normal operating parameters and emergency processes.

    The WAMS database receives data from power equipment, devices, and emergency recorders, including information signals from PMUs (Phasor Measurement Units), which measure the shape of a time-synchronised electric wave in the power system. PMUs are installed at key network points and load centers.

    On the basis of this data set, digital real-time modeling of the power grid is performed that allows to control the parameters and modes of the network operation. With this online monitoring, the dispatcher is able to see in time the deviations in the modes of power units, individual objects of the network, and therefore, to take appropriate measures in advance to prevent technological breakdowns or accidents. WAMS also creates a data archive to enable the development of automated and emergency monitoring of power modes. WAMS will have a modular structure that will allow further development of the system.

    WAMS is part of the implementation of the so-called large SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) at Ukrenergo, a software package for dispatching power control and real-time monitoring of power system parameters.

    The existing SCADA system provides analogue and status data with an update time of 4 seconds and is not suitable for dynamic monitoring due to the high degree of telemetry data delay.

    SCADA functionality should be complemented by WAMS to improve power performance and increase overload management. The modernisation and unification of SCADA are envisaged by the company’s development strategy, in particular in the field of automation of operational management of the power grid and introduction of smart grid technologies.


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