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  • Ukrenergo information edition about progress and problems in preparation to the new market of electricity compared to 23 April

    In the regular report on the state of market implementation, we report about the progress of market participants registration, the testing of the MMS platform and enter into a contract with market participants. 

    Market participants registration

    • 50 market participants are registered. The market participants register is available on the Ukrenergo website.
    • The market participants support department and Ukrenergo specialists in specific areas have processed more than 1150 requests from different market participants about registration procedure and other issues.

    Implementation of software of a new model of the electricity market

    • Ukrenergo provided logins and passwords, according to existing EIC codes, for test access to the MMS platform for 323 companies.
    • The platform interface was introduced to 75 companies.
    • have tried to submit schedules for bilateral trade of 10 companies. Seven attempts were successful.
    • Only 3 companies submitted charts of physical departure / selection of electricity. No successful attempts. The common mistake is the lack of information on confirmation of resource objects.
    • The main mistake that prevents the successful submission of graphs is the incorrect representation of xls files instead of xml and the incorrect formation of xml files in some parts of version, time series, EIC-codes.
    • On the site of Ukrenergo, in the section “Activity-New Market- Market Management System” is added the “Explanation of the current issues of users with the MMS platform” with information about the features of working with the platform.
    • In addition to the xls file converter, which access is opened on the Ukrenergo site, for the convenience of market participants, are provided test cases for the formation of xls and xml trading chart files, which can be found here. Participants who were unable to submit schedules in time, were provided with appropriate advice.
    • Currently, NCRECP has developed Methodological Recommendations for conducting test operations in the market of electric energy, according to which the terms of full-scale testing of market segments should be approved.
    • have done an assessment of the number of commercial accounting points which should be modeled in MMS. The total number is about 3.3 thousand

    Enter into a contract with market participants

    • Ukrenergo has concluded 175 contracts for electricity transmission with customers, which are connected to the transmission system network, as well as 176 contracts with electric suppliers.

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