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    Ukrenergo conducted first workshop for its staff in the framework of ENTSO-E Cooperation Beyond Membership Programme for 2019-2021.

    Ukrenergo signed the Agreement on the participation of Ukrenergo in this programme in February of 2019. Main speakers at the workshop were ENTSO-E Secretary General Laurent Schmitt and ENTSO-E Managing Director, Strategy and Communications Susanne Nies.

    Cooperation Beyond Membership Programme aims to strengthen ENTSO-E cooperation with other TSOs through a series of targeted workshops to study the working practices and trends in the developments of Europe’s energy market, personnel training.

    Laurent Schmitt talked about main strategy directions in ENTSO-E activities, overall trends in digital development and artificial intelligence for network modernisation in Europe, main challenges facing Ukraine on the way to synchronised operation with the continental European grid, latest developments in grid codes of ENTSO-E members, European policies for developing the energy market, switch to renewables, etc.

    “Synchronisation of our power system with ENTSO-E, and Ukraine’s integration into the European energy space, are the main priorities set by Ukrenergo for the next few years. That is why it is crucial for us to deepen our cooperation with ENTSO-E, in particular, through expert assistance and training programmes for various categories of workers. Such interaction will allow us to raise the awareness in the company in general and have a better understanding of the rules of the European energy space”, Mykhailo Bno-Airiian, Deputy CEO for communications and international cooperation, said.

    “ENTSO-E recognises the necessity of investing in knowledge. That’s why today’s meeting is only a start of a great body of work that will continue over the next few years. We hope that very soon Ukraine’s grid codes and market rules will be same as in Europe, and Ukraine will progress in this direction, with its power system developing rapidly in line with the European. To achieve this, we want to invest into Ukrenergo’s future by holding trainings and consultations, provide all sorts of assistance to prepare you for synchronisation with the European power system and integration into the European energy market, Laurent Schmitt stated.


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