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  • Ukrenergo has tested Zaporizhia NPP power unit for participation in the ancillary services market

    Ukrenergo has tested power unit 2 at Zaporizhia NPP of NNEGC Energoatom for the certification of the ancillary service — the frequency containment reserve (FCR). The forecast volume of this service is ±20 MW. Currently, the results obtained are being processed to determine the readiness of this generating unit to provide the service under the requirements of the Transmission System Code.

    The frequency containment reserve (FCR) refers to the automatic reserves of prompt response (up to 30 seconds) to a minimum frequency deviation without a dispatcher instruction. Such reserves are employed to stop a change of the current frequency in the power system and prevent such change from reaching emergency values.

    The frequency containment reserve is in short supply on the ancillary services market in the “IPS of Ukraine” trading area, where NNEGC Energoatom operates. Although the IPS of Ukraine has five power plants that can deliver it, so far the maximum volume NPC Ukrenergo could buy covered 34% of the monthly demand in certain periods. That is why it is very important to expand the number of power plants that can provide this reserve.

    The specific feature of Ukrainian nuclear power plants is that they are designed to operate in the basic mode. They cannot quickly change the generating capacity by a significant amount, which means that they are not designed to be flexible. At the same time, the turbine electro hydraulic governor at the NPP power unit can speed up or down the turbine in a short time and change the generating capacity within ±2% (20 MW) of the nominal capacity (1,000 MW). Such change is safe and complies with the regulations on nuclear safety and operation of nuclear power plants in general.

    Further tests for FCR certification are also planned at power unit 1 of Zaporizhia NPP and power unit 2 of Khmelnytska NPP.

    At the same time, 15 existing power units of NPPs with the installed capacity of 13,835 MW will potentially be able to deliver to the power system about ±300 MW of FCR.

    In the “IPS of Ukraine” trading area, the total volume of certified FCR constitutes ±177 MW, automatic frequency restoration reserves (aFRR) – 1,649 MW (±914.5 MW), manual frequency restoration reserves (mFRR) — 4,060 MW (-4,009), and replacement reserves (RR) — 4,808 MW. In total, 16 power plants (units) can provide ancillary services – 8 HPPs, 7 TPPs, and 1 CHPP.


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