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  • Ukrenergo has successfully carried out live work on OHL 750 kV Vinnytska – Zakhidnoukrainska

    Today Ukrenergo’s linemen have successfully carried out the live work on OHL 750 kV Vinnytska-Zakhidnoukrainska near Vinnytsia. They have replaced insulators in the insulator set and the spacer damper.

    Such live work is carried out for the first time in the history of independent Ukraine. In addition, Ukrenergo is the only transmission system operator in Europe with linemen capable of performing live work under such voltage.

    The OHL 750 kV Vinnytska-Zakhidnoukrainska is one of the system-forming 750 kV trunk lines of the IPS of Ukraine. The reliable power supply of Vinnytsia and Chernivtsi power centres depends on its stable and failure-free operation, which caused the need for the line routine repair.

    The live work was performed by our colleagues from OHL Construction and Repair Centre No. 1 of the Central Region of the Separate Subdivision “Construction and Repair”. We have already mentioned that they carried out live work, i.e., without disconnection from the grid, on OHL 330 kV Vinnytska – Ladyzhynska TPP. This time, they have succeeded in live work repairing of OHL 750 kV.

    The live work technology revival and the training of the first team took place with the involvement of modern european practices of our colleagues from French transmission system operator RTE. Currently, Ukrenergo has already formed three teams to perform live work – a total of 24 specialists. They had three-month training in “Vinnytsiaelectrotechnologia” training center.

    Ukrenergo plans to increase the number of live work teams to six by the end of the next year – for each power system – and to expand the list of live works on the trunk high voltage overhead lines. 


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