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  • Ukrenergo has signed a contract with Siemens for the supply of 95 single-phase 330 kV current transformers for 14 substations

    Siemens Energy AG’s subsidiary in Ukraine, Siemens Energy LLC, will supply 95 single-phase 330 kV current transformers manufactured by Trench Germany GmbH for 14 Ukrenergo substations. The contract for the supply of equipment with Siemens Energy LLC for 1.459 million euros was signed on September 16 following the results of international competitive bidding, in which representatives of four more companies from Italy and China participated.

    As a result of the bidding, the savings amounted to almost 400 thousand euros of the expected value. The purchase of equipment for Ukrenergo substations is carried out with credit funds from the World Bank under the UE/20V package “Supply of 330 kV current transformers” within the framework of the Second Electricity Transmission Project implemented by NPC Ukrenergo. New measuring transformers will be installed at the following 330 kV substations: Pobuzka, Rudna, Molochanska, Zoria, Ferosplavna, Ukrainka, VDHMK, Podilska, Khersonska, Usatove, Adzhalyk, Novoodeska, Stepova, and Sumy Pivnichna.

    Ukrenergo already has a positive experience of operating such measuring transformers. Similar transformers have been installed and operated at a number of substations of the company for about 20 years and have proven themselves as equipment with a high level of reliability and explosion safety. The new Trench SAS-type current transformers are the modern high-tech equipment of substation open switchgears necessary for conversion of current to the values convenient for measurement by the corresponding measuring devices ensuring work of means of protection and control.

    New current transformers have internal SF6 gasinsulation and will replace old equipment with paper and oil insulation at substations. This design is the key in technology and provides a high level of safety and reliability and reduces operating costs. The warranty period of such current transformers is at least 30 years.

    Siemens Energy LLC is to deliver equipment to the Ukrenergo substations next summer for further installation.


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