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  • Ukrenergo has completed the reconstruction of outdoor switchgear at SS 330 kV Kryvorizka

    At the 330 kV Kryvorizka substation (SS) the reconstruction of 330 kV outdoor switchgear is completed. The equipment is set under operating voltage and has passed 72-hour comprehensive hot testing. The substation with 500 MVA transformer capacity was built in 1966; most of its equipment and spare parts are no longer manufactured and needed to be replaced.

    In particular, at the substation all main equipment of the 330 kV outdoor switchgear is now replaced with new equipment from European manufacturers: new switches, current and voltage transformers, disconnectors, surge arrestors, high-frequency stoppers and coupling capacitors, the facility is now equipped with modern microprocessor protections and the automated process control system (APCS), which makes it possible to remotely control the substation from NPC Ukrenergo’s main dispatch centre. During the reconstruction, the substation “bus-AT” connection scheme was also supplemented with two switches to the line, which along with the installation of new equipment significantly increased the level of security and reliability of the electricity transit through the outdoor switchgear further into the 330 kV grid.

    “The substation was reconstructed by a consortium of General Electric Grid Solutions (Germany) and  Chornomorenergospetsmontazh LLC (Ukraine) under the contract “Technical re-equipping of SS 330 kV Kryvorizka and SS 330 kV “Dnipro-Donbass” concluded based on the international tender. Reconstruction of SS 330 kV Kryvorizka is part of the investment project “Improving the efficiency of electricity transmission (modernization of substations)” worth 17.9 million euros, financed with credit funds of the German Government through a credit institute for reconstruction KfW. The project continued for over three years and comprised the development of design documentation, supply of equipment, dismantling of old and installation of new equipment, and precommissioning,” said project manager Anastasia Ryzhkova.

    Reconstruction of the substation will continue. Contract negotiations are ongoing for the reconstruction of the substation outdoor switchgear units of 150 kV and lower voltage.

    The German Government also financially supports the project “Reconstruction of substations in the east of Ukraine”, which includes the reconstruction of SS 750 kV Zaporizka and Dniprovska and SS 330 kV Kharkivska and Zaliutyne. These projects are part of a comprehensive program for substations automation implemented with credit funds from international financial institutions.

    It is to be recalled that the comprehensive program for substations automation provides the reconstruction of all Ukrenergo’s substations with the APCS implementation and aims to improve the reliability of electricity transmission system, create a technical framework for the introduction of smart grid technology in the trunk grids, and reach the level of the network reliability and security required by ENTSO-E. The program is implemented in two phases. In the first phase, 57 substations will be reconstructed by 2025. These substations are grouped into 9 investment projects, 5 of which are in the active phase of implementation. The other projects include the reconstruction of 19 substations in Ukrenergo’s four power systems.


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