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  • Ukrenergo has completed full-scale rehabilitation and automation of 330 kV Sumy substation

    Ukrenergo has completed the comprehensive rehabilitation of its 330 kV Sumy substation with full replacement of equipment at 330 and 110 kV outdoor switchgears. The substation also features a new automated process control system (APCS), enabling the remote control of its equipment.

    330 kV Sumy substation with the 481 MVA transformer capacity was commissioned back in 1961 and needed the replacement of equipment that had already run out of service life and was technologically outdated.

    Due to its rehabilitation, 330 kV Sumy substation has significantly improved the reliability of power supply to industrial consumers, such as Sumy Utility Company Miskvodokanal (city of Sumy), JSC Sumy Maсhine-Building Science and Production Association, PrJSC Sumykhimprom, Tsentrolit Plant LLC, etc., and adjacent residential areas powered from the substation through 110 kV lines of distribution system operators. In addition, the rehabilitation will enhance the transmission system reliability at the level of trunk grids because 330 kV Sumy substation is a transit substation: via 330 kV overhead lines it is connected to 330 kV Sumy-Pivnichna substation, 330 kV Konotop substation and 330 kV Zaliutyne substation, and transmits electricity from the Central and Dnipro regions to the East region.

    “Rehabilitation of 330 kV Sumy substation is dictated by time and is an element of the comprehensive programme for substations automation aimed at improving the reliability and security of the transmission system to the level of ENTSO-E requirements. Furthermore, the comprehensive rehabilitation of Ukrenergo’s substations with APCS implementation will make it possible to create a technical framework for the introduction of the smart grid technology in trunk grids,” stated Oleh Pavlenko, Investment Director at NPC Ukrenergo.

    330 kV Sumy substation was rehabilitated under the Second Power Transmission Project (PTP-2) with loan funds from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development. The Project value was $13.9 mln. The General Contractor was Azenco LLC (Azerbaijan), selected through international competitive bidding.

    The rehabilitation of 330 kV Sumy substation encompassed the replacement of all equipment of 330 kV and 110 kV outdoor switchgears, the installation of Siemens SF6 circuit breakers, SF6 gas-insulated current and voltage transformers manufactured by Trench Italia (Italy), disconnectors with motor drives at main and grounding blades with remote control manufactured by ABB (Sweden).

    Busbars at 330 kV and 110 kV outdoor switchgears were replaced in full, which made it possible to install four additional spare cells enabling a potential connection of new overhead lines of distribution networks. The new relay panel building was installed with modern microprocessing units of relay protection and emergency protection automation. The replacement included supporting structures and foundations, gantries, cables (power and instrumentation), and cable structures.

    It is to be recalled that in September 2020 the substation was equipped with a new autotransformer, which along with refurbished outdoor switchgears guarantees a high level of reliability and security of electricity supply.


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